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10 Qualities Of Strong Women That Most Men Can’t Handle


Image source: Joel Sossa

Strong women: we all admire them. We all hope to be as strong and self-sufficient as they are, and we also hope that our daughters will grow up to be like them.

Men also admire these women for their strength of character, their independency, and their passion for following their dreams. However, they are often too intimidated to approach them.

Why is that? Fear of rejection?  Cowardice? It could be anything as far as I know, but what I do know with certainty is that these women are really powerful in many aspects of their lives.

So, which qualities make them so special and irresistible?

  1. She knows what she wants

She knows herself perfectly well and knows without a doubt what she wants in life. She doesn’t hesitate or second-guess her choices. If she wants something she goes after it – be it a man, a career, an apartment… anything. She doesn’t expect other people to fulfill her needs and to complete her. She is already complete on her own.

  1. She is passionate and fierce

She knows pain and struggling. She has faced more than enough troubles in life, so she can be intense and at times hard to handle for most men. She knows she can overcome any trouble that comes her way. She doesn’t have time to play games. She is not afraid to speak up and show her emotions and is certainly not ashamed of her scars, but she expects you to do the same. Some men just don’t have enough capacity or will to reciprocate.

  1. She is a fighter

She is a woman who is fiercely independent. She doesn’t need a man to fight her battles and solve the problems in her life. She is able to stand on her own while taking full responsibility for her actions. She likes a man to stand beside her, not in front of her telling her what she should do. She will be affectionate and loving with you, even help you solve your problems, but she expects you to do the same for her. If not, she will just walk away.

  1. She is not scared of intimacy

A strong woman requires intimacy: from long conversations to making love – she is not afraid to get close to somebody. In fact, she gives herself wholly and expects you to do the same. She is not holding anything back. She is always clear about her needs and desires as a woman because she is completely in touch with her femininity. However, she won’t attach to someone just because. She needs to feel the same passion, energy, and desire in somebody before she gives him her heart.

  1. She won’t wait for you

It takes a strong woman to go through hell for you if she sees she can trust you and that you are committed to her. But, be careful: She is also able to let you go and never turn back if she senses you are pulling away from her. She is sick of playing games, you know. Either you are in, or you are out. There is not anything in between.

  1. She knows when you are lying

Let me tell you another truth about these women: Don’t try to lie to your strong woman, ever! You’ll be in danger, I can guarantee you. She can smell lies before you even open your mouth. There is nothing that annoys her more. She is a type of person who values honesty more than anything. She could never be with someone that she cannot trust, and the fact is it is difficult for some men to stay true.

  1. She appreciates honesty and vulnerability

A strong woman dives right into the depths of her soul, facing her past traumas, hurt, and life choices. She wants a man who is honest and vulnerable at the same time; someone to whom she can open her heart and soul. She doesn’t hesitate to ask you tough questions about your family, childhood memories, past traumas, or any life-changing experiences you’ve had. However, she won’t judge you. She understands that everybody is a human being and it is only human to show vulnerability. Although most men think that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, for a strong woman it is a sign of strength of character and she will love you for that.

  1. She makes you see your true self and inspires you to become the best version of yourself

She loves to get to know other people in depth. She will analyze you for hours and days, trying to discover who you truly are at the core. Once she figures you out, she will point to your mistakes by giving you many perspectives on how you can correct them. She will try to make you aware of your incredible potential you have in you, and will also try to make you become all that you wanted to be. Although many would agree that having an inspiring woman like this is a blessing, this is a hard bite to swallow for some men, since it is hard to accept the things we hate about ourselves especially when somebody is points them out.

  1. She wants stability, respect, and integrity

This woman doesn’t tolerate indecisive and flaky personalities. She wants a man who is true to his word. She requires to be treated with nothing but respect, and she is definitely not kind to those who doesn’t value her. If a man starts to act distant, she will remove herself quickly from the situation and also from him if she feels she’s been played. However, if you respect her and see her for the strong woman she is, she will treat you even nicer and you will be able to experience true passion and love like never before.

  1. She loves unconditionally

Her love is faithful and true. She has a nurturing side in her that she shows it only to the people she truly loves. Just like a mother loves and fights for her children, this woman will love you and fight for you fiercely. Some men just can’t handle this kind of unconditional love. They get scared by the intensity and the depth of giving. But just as she is able to love you endlessly, she is also able to let you go if you fail to reciprocate.