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10 Reasons to Start Your Business (Or Keep Playing Lucky Seven Slots) in 2021


Don’t you think a new year is the perfect time to start a new thing? Maybe you’ve been out of work due to the pandemic, or maybe you’re tired of working for someone else: 2021 could be a good year to start your own business. Moreover, due to the advancement of technology and the increase in internet speeds, starting an online business can be much cheaper than you think: you don’t even have to rent an office. To convince you, we share ten reasons why you should start your own online business below. If you still don’t change your mind after reading them, you can continue to play Lucky Seven slots. Let’s get started!

Work Anywhere & Anytime

Starting a business of your own has an obvious advantage. You can literally work from anywhere you want, and anytime you want. Do you like to travel? Or do you want to spend more time at home, with your family? No matter what you want, owning your business will give you enough flexibility to create a system for your needs. As long as you have an internet connection, you can work even while traveling. You are not limited to a desk. A mobile phone (to use as a hotspot) and a laptop are all you need. Stay at home or hop on a train. No matter where you are, the whole world is your office. Simply put, you get geographical freedom and decide where you will work without any restrictions. 

Flexibility at Work: Create Your Own Schedule 

Do you remember what life was like when working in an office? Let us briefly remind you:

  • You get up at 8 in the morning and set off without even having breakfast.
  • You start working at 9 o’clock and continue until 5.
  • You arrive at your home at 6 pm and start preparing for the next day.

Pretty monotonous life, right? Whereas, if you start a business, you can freely set your own working hours. Of course, it is not possible to be completely free but forget about the 9-5 working system. You can determine when to start and when to stop working according to your needs. Maybe you can focus more and work more efficiently at night, who knows? No problem: You can only work at night if you wish, and you can continue to play free casino slot games during the daytime. In short, flexible working is one of the most important advantages of starting your own business. Decide for yourself what hours you want to work. 

Be Your Own Boss

There is no one to tell you what to do and how to do it when you work for your own business. You are, literally, the boss of yourself. This situation has many advantages, as can be expected because you don’t have to suffer from anyone’s whims. Just because the boss feels bad that morning doesn’t mean you will have a bad day, too. You are completely free to make decisions and do not have to get anyone’s consent. But keep in mind that this also means you have full responsibility. You may have some difficulty getting used to this situation, and you need to master self-management in a short time. But don’t worry, the more you continue to work in your own business, the more successful you will be. 

Gain Experience & Creative Freedom

Do you remember the days when you said, “I wouldn’t have done this job like this” while working for someone else? Here’s your chance. Now you can be much more creative and free. When a problem arises, you can decide how to solve it; no one will force you to follow a particular solution. Likewise, you will have complete freedom of how a job should be completed. If you think there is a more creative way to do a job, feel free to use it. By working this way, you will get a completely different experience, and you will also have the chance to really improve yourself. The experience gained while working for someone else is different from the experience you get while doing your own job. The second one allows you to truly improve yourself. 

There Are Many People Out There Who Can Appreciate Your Skills 

When working for someone else, your abilities are often not appreciated. The creative solution you develop for a problem or the innovative method you use for a project is not yours: the boss presents them as his own skills. In other words, your talent is “owned” by the company, and your personal skills are not allowed to get ahead of the brand. However, while doing your own work, you get the opportunity to truly showcase your skills, and you can be appreciated for them. Your personal skills will even lead to more customers. If you are good at a job, you will be able to gain more potential customers in a short time because your clients will recommend you to others. It is impossible to get the feeling of personal satisfaction if you are working for someone else. 

Reduce Expenses & Make Money

In the classic form of office work, you have more costs than you think. Simply put, the fuel you spend just to reach the office is an expense and will cause your car to wear out in the long run. Likewise, we’re sure that you have clothes you buy just to wear at the office. In other words, working in an office has many additional costs that are often overlooked, and you cannot “collect” them from the company. However, when working in your own business, you don’t have to worry about both. If you work from home, you can save a great deal on fuel and clothing costs. If you have to travel, you can show this as an expense and have it deducted from your taxes. In short, doing your own business can result in unexpected savings. 

Build Something That Fits Your Needs

You are completely free to create your workspace: if you are doing your own business, you can decide for yourself what will be at the table (or whether you use a table). There is nobody to tell you where and how you will work with the excuse of the corporate culture. If you want to use two laptops or monitors at the same time, you can do so. You can place a flower, a large painting, or toys on your table. An HR manager will not come and say that these are against corporate culture. You can decide for yourself what should happen in your own work area. This freedom will also enable you to work more creatively and efficiently. 

Stay Away from the Germs of Corporate World

One of the advantages of not going to an office is being much less sick. Respiratory illnesses such as flu are easily transmitted in closed environments where people are close to each other, and a single sick person can cause the entire office to become sick. This is the reason why most workplaces are shut down because of COVID-19: This disease can be transmitted much faster in workplaces. Air conditioners, door handles, cabinets, coffee machines: these common things in offices cause germs to easily pass on to another. 

A study conducted by the American Society for Microbiology found that a door handle infected with a harmless virus can pass to 40% of office workers within just two hours. However, if you work from home for your own business, you will start a natural quarantine and prevent sick people from making you sick. This also means that starting your own business will lead to a healthier life. 

Your Income Potential Is Up to You

When you work in an office, you know how much you will be paid, and this figure will not change unless you are promoted. However, when you work for yourself, your income potential is entirely up to you. The more effort you put in, the more you can earn. The way you market your products, your service quality, and prices are also important in terms of the potential revenue you can earn. No one can tell you that “you cannot earn more this month.” If you are ready to make an effort, you decide how much you will earn each month. If you’re good enough, your income will grow steadily, and you can start earning enough to retire early in less time than you anticipate. 

Start Online Business to Live Your Own Dream

The most important advantage of doing your own business is living your own dream. You don’t help someone else achieve their goals. Instead, you set your own goals and work to reach them. When you are successful, it will be worth all the challenges you go through along the way, and the sense of satisfaction that comes with it is unrivaled. It is impossible to feel like this when working for someone else. Don’t be afraid to fail because every failure is an experience you can use in your future projects. Starting your own business is a risk worth taking, and it can give you both financial and moral satisfaction.