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10 Reasons Why Men Can’t Be in a Relationship With Strong Women


Every woman who has suffered pain is strong. Every woman who has made sacrifices for someone else, without asking for anything in return, is stronger than you think.

Because that’s what made her strong. Loving, forgiving, enduring pain has made her fierce and brave. This woman is not ashamed or afraid to show her weaknesses, but she is also aware that she can do much more than anyone expects from her.

But, very often, strong women like this are single. Why men can’t handle strong women?

  1. Strong women need someone honest and human.

Women are often considered more emotional. They express their feelings more openly than men. But that doesn’t mean men don’t have feelings. Women who have experienced a lot know that.

They want someone who realizes that it is human to feel pain and to cry. Strong women want someone who is not afraid or ashamed to speak about the past, because everyone has a past and is vulnerable. Strongest people speak about their weaknesses aloud.

  1. Strong women are not afraid to fight for themselves

They don’t need a man to fight for them! A strong woman is independent and fights for herself. But, men want to feel needed. A man wants to know that his girl needs him to fight in her place.

While a strong woman is ready to fight for the both, a man wants to be the one who will solve everything and save his girl.

Strong women don’t want to be the victims because they can handle every situation. The fierce woman needs someone to be next to her, not someone who she would blindly follow.

  1. Strong women have a clear purpose in life and know exactly what they want.

No fierce woman needs a man to succeed, travel or do the things she always wanted to do. Strong women know exactly what they want and how hard they worked to get it.

She will explore the world, fight for the promotion or be the one who is asking someone on a date. This determination is intimidating for many men.

  1. Strong women know when you’re lying.

Honesty and trust are above everything else when it comes to love. Strong women know how to tell truths from lies and won’t stay to hear more lying, no matter how much it hurts. A strong woman don’t need someone fake and want to have someone completely for herself.

  1. Strong women need someone who they can be intimate with.

Intimacy is of a great importance, both in bed and in mutual trust. Strong women want to be the one who her man can trust the most.

The person who he can be intimate with, who he can talk to about anything and share their deepest secrets. Only then she will know she is loved the right way.

  1. Strong women don’t need someone immature and inconsistent.

Strong women come with strong personalities that are over with immaturities and irregularities. In this relationship, you have to show respect and integrity.

Every fierce woman needs unconditional love that comes with respect. Disrespecting her is not something she would forget about or forgive.

  1. Strong women don’t wait neither beg.

If you are not sure whether you want to be with her or not, you will lose her. A fierce woman will not beg or wait for someone to decide if he wants her or not.

She doesn’t have time for playing. She will be hurt, but she is not afraid of that because very soon, she will be as fierce as ever, ready for the next test.

  1. Strong women are fiery.

They are powerful, intense and fiery in everything they do. Even in the relationship, they are passionate and they want the same in return.

In life, strong women see problems as challenges that they will surely overcome and they are not afraid of anything. They expect the same from the partner.

  1. Strong women love with their whole heart.

If you love a strong woman, you know that the love you receive is invaluable. Every strong woman loves her man unconditionally and is ready to go against storms and tornadoes to make him happy.

Some men are not capable of returning this love and feel afraid of the intensity of it. So they would rather escape than fail to reciprocate.

  1. Strongest women inspire their men to become the best.

People say that “behind every successful man there is a woman”. The best men have a strong woman next to them, who helps them reach their highest potential and be the best version of themselves.

A strong woman who stands by her man and inspires him to be confident and strong. But, some men are not strong enough to handle this.

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