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10 Reasons Why People Who Overthink Everything Have A Hard Time Falling In Love


Overanalyzing. Misinterpreting. Exaggerating. Overstressing. Thinking. Overthinking.

If you ask me, it’s all the same. Because it all involves using your mind to overanalyze everything that is happening around you and sometimes even up to a point where it gets more harmful than helpful for you.

It’s crazy, I am telling you. I myself am a passionate overthinker. Those who are struggling with the same know exactly how deep thinkers go through life.

Here are 10 reasons why people who overthink usually have trouble finding love:

1. They overthink the obvious. They are the masters of making something unnecessary complicated and hard. Overthinkers or in other words, deep thinkers internalize their feelings. They always feel and think more than it is needed. Even when the truth is obvious.

2. They know that love is not enough to sustain one relationship. People who overthink know that loving someone is not all there is. They believe that compatibility is one of the most important things for a relationship to thrive.

3. They often attract partners in order to fulfill their voids. Their mind is loud, and their thoughts are often chaotic. So, in order to fulfill their voids and hush their fears, they attract people who they think can help them go through the pain. The sad thing is, in most cases, the relationships they create with these people are not real.

4. However, they are also afraid that they might get hurt. Deep thinkers are very conflicted human beings. The first thing you need to know about them is the fact that they are wounded. Their scars are a part of who they are, and they are the reminders that keep them up at night.

5. They are in love with the realms inside their minds. They like how things sound in theory more than in practice. That is why when reality suddenly disrupts their fantasies, they have no idea how to react. Instead of actually doing something, they retreat to the safety of their comfort zones.

6. They are afraid of how much they feel. And this often makes them very cautious about their decisions. The truth is, deep thinkers know that they feel too much, they are very well aware of what is going on inside their hearts. The problem is putting their feelings on the line and showing everyone how vulnerable are.

7. They analyze and carefully evaluate situations before they take a leap. Overthinkers have a storm of thoughts in their minds before they actually make a decision. They can’t help it, it’s just who they are.

8. They have high standards. Even though they sometimes make mistakes like falling for people just because they need to fill their voids, deep thinkers actually believe in love. And they are convinced that there is someone for everyone.

9. They want a partner who is more than just what they make them feel. As I previously said, deep thinkers believe in compatibility. They need someone who will share the same ideas, passions, and insecurities as them. They need someone who is more than just attractive.

10. They find it hard to follow their hearts because most of the time this involves trusting themselves. And doing that is not simple for these people.