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10 Reasons Why Sarcastic People Are Highly Intelligent


Even though some might argue that sarcasm does not require some special skills; it is a fact that you have to be witty to be able to say one thing while actually meaning the opposite.

Some language experts say that sarcasm is a form of insult with a dose of humor and obliqueness. Still, one may ask, what is the connection between sarcasm and intelligence?

Dr. Shamay – Tsoory, a psychologist at the Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa, conducted a study in which was proved that one’s ability to use sarcasm is linked to the understanding of people’s mind and feelings.

Below we give you 10 reasons that prove that sarcastic people are indeed “the brain” of society:

1.     Sarcastic people have healthier brains

Being sarcastic can improve brain’s cognitive function, research shows. Actually, if you are unable to detect and understand sarcasm it might be a sign of brain disease, such as dementia. Moreover, MRI scans show that the parahippocampal gyrus (the part of the brain that is associated with memory) is the living place of sarcasm.

2.     Sarcasm helps you to choose better your friends

Because sarcastic people are most sarcastic with their loved ones and people they are close with; it is essential for them to be surrounded only with people who get their sense of humor. This is also very important for forming a social connection. Sarcastic people like people who not only tolerate their witty comments, but also give them back.

3.     Sarcastic people are really good at showing emotions 

‘I hate you’ means ‘I love you’ in sarcastic language. Penny Pexman, a sarcasm researcher and a psychologist at University of Calgary, said that the saying that you tease the ones you love is true. However, psychologists recommend caution because some people may see as hostility what sarcastic people see as playfulness.

4.     Sarcasm makes you more creative

One study found that people, who utter sarcastic remarks, as well as those who receive them, tend to be more creative. Moreover, the study also discovered that sarcasm improves a person’s abstract thinking.

5.  Sarcastic people know how to handle a conflicting situation

While it is true that not everyone like sarcasm, and it can lead to an argument, those people who understand sarcasm will know that is their sense of humor. According to Francesca Gino, a professor at Harvard Business School and a behavioral scientist, people can only receive sarcasm or give a sarcastic comment to someone they trust and won’t view it as a provocation to conflict than give or receive a sarcastic comment from someone they don’t trust.

6.  Sarcastic people rule the world

Scientists have studied sarcasm for more than a decade, and they are still obsessed with sarcasm and the human wit. One study conducted over the phone discovered that people use the phrase “yeah, right” sarcastically in 23 percent of the time. Moreover, children from the youngest age are exposed to sarcasm and understand it even before they go to pre-school.

7.     They think on another level

Research shows that the brain actually works harder in processing snarky remarks, which sharpens it and improves our problem-solving skills. So, the saying that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence” is no far from the truth.

8.     Sarcasm has an evolutionary role in your survival

Studies show that sarcasm is one of the evolutionary crucial survival skills due to its role to critique the society. Simply put, sarcastic comments are now a part of people’s behavior and personality.

9.     Your snark reveals where you are from

Sarcasm can be different in different regions and cultures. One study of students discovered that 56 percent of the participants from northern countries thought that sarcasm is funny, while only 35 percent of participants coming from southern countries found sarcasm to be humorous. It may be some truth in the stereotype that southern people are more sincere.

10.You can give-up sarcasm any time you want

Yeah, right. J In today’s society and culture, and most importantly – social media, it is so much easier for a sarcastic person to share their witty sense of humor.

Do you know any sarcastic person who missed an opportunity to make a salty comment? – Me neither!

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