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10 Reasons Why Your Sister Is The Coolest Person You Know And Your Best Friend For Life


She has been there from the very beginning. She knows exactly how you breathe. Your hearts beat in the same rhythm. She has seen every version of you. And she knows all of your identities.

She’s been there for you in the worst and she’s been there for you in the best moments of your life.  She’s seen it all. And despite all of your flaws, she’s accepted you just the way you are.

Flawed, imperfect, sometimes harsh and inconsiderate, but nevertheless an extraordinary person.

Here are 10 reasons why sister is the coolest person you know and your best friend for life:

1. She is always there for you. You can literally call her any time of the day, and she will be there to answer and talk to you. She is the person you can always count on when you have a bad day.

2. She will never ever judge you. She’s seen every part of you. She’s been through all of your struggles and pain in life, she’s heard all about your mistakes. She knows you. And she would never dare to judge you.  

3. She is the reason why you haven’t ruined your life making terrible mistakes. She is like your conscience. Always there to remind you what you do wrong and what you do just right.

4. She will always let you rummage through her closet and borrow clothes. Let’s be honest, the reason why most of the time you look decent or even fashionable is that because your sister’s closet is there at your disposal.

5. She will do anything to defend you from the people who made you cry. A sister is a mate for life. She is there to protect you from any harm coming your way. She is there to confront your enemies and let you know that everything is going to be just fine.

6. She is always up for doing silly things with you. This includes staying up all night watching your favorite, stupid movies, eating junk food until your stomach hurts, sneaking out of home for a party, getting drunk together and holding each other’s hair while puking. Whatever it is, she is there.

7. She is brutally honest with you, no matter how much it hurts. A sister won’t care whether the truth hurts you or makes you cry. Because she knows that being torn by the truth is always better than being comforted by a lie.

8. She is the person you can rely on when it comes to giving good, heartfelt advice. She always has your back and tells you how it is. Nine times out of ten, she is the person that you can rely on when you need support. Whatever you are going through, she will find a way to help you get out of the mess.

9. She introduced you to many things that you love today. She got you hooked on her favorite movies. She showed you the best music. She helped you build your style throughout the years. All in all, she is the one to thank for many things that you like today.

10. She will love you more than anyone else in the world. No matter how much you get on her nerves, she will always do everything to see you happy. A sister will love you purely and unconditionally. No matter how many fights you’ve had, you will always be one of the best things that happened to her.

10 Reasons Why Your Sister Is The Coolest Person You Know And Your Best Friend For Life