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10 Seemingly Unimportant Things That Actually Matter A Great Deal To Her


Men, when it comes to women and what they need in a relationship, there’s one thing you need to know: When a woman falls genuinely in love with you, she falls in love with who you are as a person. She falls in love with your soul, your kindness, your charm. She falls in love with the way you treat her. She falls in love with your weaknesses and imperfections.

When a woman falls honestly and deeply in love with you, she doesn’t fall in love with your possessions or the fact how high you stand on the social ladder.

When a woman falls deeply in love with you, she doesn’t need you to shower her with lavish gifts or take her to expensive restaurants every Saturday night. This means nothing to her. It’s the small and seemingly unimportant things you do for her that actually matter the most to her. Why?

Because these are the things which show her that you genuinely care about her. They show her that you are willing to put effort into keeping the romance and spark of passion between you alive forever.

Here are 10 small and seemingly unimportant things that actually matter a lot to her:

1. Pay attention to the important details when she talks to you.

Remember the names of her besties (and her colleagues too), her favorite type of chocolate or flowers, or any other important detail she shares with you. For example, not referring to her friend Carol as “Honey, that girl with the glasses called you this morning” will show her that you pay attention when she talks to you.

Sure, no one expects you to memorize every single thing she tells you, but you should pay attention to the most important details.

2. Never criticize her choices.

“Are you really going to eat that stew?” “Are you sure you want to eat another piece of cake?” Yes, she is.

Never criticize her for the little choices she makes, even when you disapprove of them. Instead, respect them.

3. Don’t leave a mess behind.

Perhaps leaving dirty dishes all over the kitchen counter and leaving your socks on the floor are not a big deal for you, but trust me, women hate this.

So, regardless of whether you have your own place or you live together with her, know that it’ll mean a lot to her if you keep it clean and tidy.

4. Open up to her.

Guys are known for not being vocal about their feelings, but remember when you tell a woman that you are not a mind-reader? Well, guess what? She isn’t either.

Therefore, make sure you talk more about yourself and your feelings. Trust me, she’ll appreciate this a lot.

5. Don’t keep her waiting for you to respond to her texts for ages.

It’s not like you have to answer her call or text her back right away when you see her name pops up on the screen of your phone. But, when she sends you a message, respond to her in a reasonable amount of time. This way, she’ll know she is on the top of your list of priorities even when you’re up to your neck in work.

6. Go shopping with her.

Yeah, yeah, guys don’t like shopping, we know that. But, do you know how pleased she’ll be if you offer to take her to the shopping center and help her choose some nice clothes? Or how about going grocery shopping with her? It’s not that boring like you think, trust me.

Oh, and I almost forgot – make sure you’re not grumpy and impatient while you two are doing the shopping. Offer to carry her bags instead.

7. Show interest in the things she enjoys doing.

Perhaps you’re not a fan of Sex And The City, but, trust me, it won’t hurt if you watch an episode or two of it with her once in a while.

By showing interest in the things she likes doing, you’ll show her that everything which is related to her matters to you.

8. Take her on a date.

Regardless of whether you’ve been together for 3 months or 3 years, you should never let the romance in your relationship fade away. 

And you don’t need to wait for her birthday to come so as to take her out to dinner at a restaurant or any other place where you two can have fun. There are other 364 days in the year when you can do this. Keeping the romance and spark of passion between you always alive is crucial – never forget that.

9. Respect her boundaries.

Give her space. Because we all need to spend some time alone. So, whether she had a stressful day at work or she just wants to watch an episode of her favorite sitcom, let her spend some time on her own. Let her rest and recharge her batteries, and she’ll love you even more for it.

10. Learn to cook.

I’m not saying that you should become the next Jamie Oliver, but if you know you’re terrible at cooking, you can learn at least a couple of dishes to prepare for her once in a while. Oh, and, of course, it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate because what will truly mean to her is your effort.

PS I don’t know if you’ve been told, but most women find it really sexy when they catch their man preparing some delicious dinner for them in the kitchen.