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10+ Spooky Facts About The New Nightmare Fuel ‘It’ That Will Make It Even Scarier


Horror movies have its audience, but not everyone likes them. However, occasionally a movie comes out that blows the minds of everybody and it’s a must for everyone. The new horror called It featuring an evil clown is one of those movies that everyone will see.

Some will watch it because of Stephen King, the infamous author of the book that’s the base for the movie and others will be thrilled to see a maniac clown, but many will see it just because everyone talks about it.

It is definitely going to be the horror of the year, and here is what you need to know about this nightmare giving film.

1. There is a reason why it’s being released now

The first filmed version of the book was screened in 1990, i.e. 27 years ago. According to the story, the clown resurfaces every 27 years and this year we mark exactly 27 years since its debut. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. Skarsgård eye trick hasn’t been digitally altered

The director Muschietti probably wasn’t fully aware that he got the perfect actor to play the clown. You know how Bill makes his eyes go in different directions in the movie? Here is a little trivia that will amaze you: he can do this on his own. No special effects were used to get the result. It turns out it was all Bill.

3. Will Poulter was set to be Pennywise first

We can’t imagine anyone else playing Pennywise the clown except for Bill Skarsgård. Apparently, there was someone else taken into consideration for the role of the clown and that’s Will Poulter. Poulter dropped out because of film delays after the first director left.

4. Stephen King liked the movie.

Not only he liked it, he praised it. The author saw the movie months before the premiere and he immediately stated that the movie has “exceeded his expectations”. If you haven’t seen It yet, this should convince you to do it.

5. It has been scary even for the cast.

It gave us nightmares (and it still gives us) and the movie cast aren’t an exception. The leading actor, Bill Skarsgård admitted having nightmares when they were shooting.

6. Bill took his time preparing for the role.

It is exceeding everyone’s expectations. A lot of effort was put in it by the crew in order to live up to the 1990s version. For his role, the main actor spent half of his engagement in preparations only. During the first half of production, the crew was working on perfecting the performance of Bill as Pennywise the clown.

7. Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things is in the movie.

Our beloved Wheeler, whom we are used to see in the Netflix show Stranger Things, is in the movie. He plays a child victim of Pennywise.

8. Bill met the children for the first time having his costume on.

And there is a valid reason for this. The director wanted the children to be genuinely scared of the clown. So, Bill waited to meet the children until the shooting of the scene and they first saw them in his costume.

9. Tim Curry was also present in the movie (in a way)

The movie paid tribute to the original Pennywise, Tim Curry, who played the clown in the 1990 version. In one scene, we can see a doll of the original clown.

10. The movie was being developed for years

The movie took seven years in preparation for filming. IMDb informs that the cast started filming only after this period of development.

11. Channing Tatum almost got the part of Pennywise

Several great actors were considered for the leading role, including Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Channing Tatum and even Tilda Swinton. Bill Skarsgård was chosen at the end, and we can see why.

12. The movie takes place in a different time than the book

The original story takes place in 1958, but the action in the movie happens three decades later, in 1989. We don’t know why, but it seems to us that it wouldn’t make much difference as it would have been as scary. Finally, Stephen King himself approved it, and we don’t doubt him.

Image source: IMDb