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10 Strategies to Improve Score in Class 9 Science Paper


The class 9 science exam consists of three subjects; they are physics, chemistry, and biology. The class 9th science exam is important for every student’s future and they should take it seriously and prepare thoroughly. The science syllabus for class 9 consists of 15 chapters and all the chapters are equally important. To improve your score in the class 9th science paper you need to follow a proper routine and stay dedicated. You can use the following 10 strategies to improve your score in a class 9th science paper. Along with these strategies you also need to practice regularly and should not be lazy.

The 10 strategies are as follows:

1 . Be Disciplined

The number one tip for improving your CBSE class 9 science exam score is discipline. You have to be disciplined enough to study daily and dedicate your time towards preparation. Wake up early and follow the schedule, try not to cheat yourself as it will only decrease your chances of scoring well in the exam. Being disciplined will easily improve your mindset and help you to prepare well and let you concentrate over a long period.

2 . Do not let Social Media interfere with your studies

If you want to improve your class 9th science exam score you need to stop using social media during the preparation period. Avoid social sites and just concentrate on the subjects, do not keep your phone by your side while studying as it will distract you and delay your preparation. Ask your parents or elders not to barge into your room as it may break your concentration.

3 . Revision Schedule

The class 9th science exam consists of 15 chapters and you will require a proper schedule to revise all of them. Try to maintain a separate revision schedule where you can allocate 1-2hrs for revising every day. One thing that all students must keep in mind is that they need to revise regularly as the number of chapters is more, this will help you to memorize better and be thorough with each chapter.

4 . Study Actively and with Concentration

Try to study in a peaceful environment and be active. While studying be very concentrated and do not let yourself be distracted by anything. Do not get up for silly reasons as it will break your concentration and hamper your preparation. Always finish your daily chores before starting your preparation and keep a bottle of water by your side. Study actively for at least 1hr and then take small 5 minutes break. Try to study in short chunks and maintain notes.

5 . Work on your weak points

Try to improve your weak points by working on them. Some of the general weak points that a student may have to work on are:

  • Work on your handwriting by practicing more. Regular writing can improve your writing skills also.
  • Learn the difficult chapters thoroughly and give additional time.
  • If you are not able to solve the sample paper within the allocated time, try to improve your time management skill.
  • Increase your calculation speed and accuracy.
  • Use the CBSE class 9 science books for better preparation.

6 . Focus on Certain topics in particular

While preparing for your science exam you will find that few topics can fetch you more marks with a little bit of practice. These topics can be found in all three sections and students should be attentive enough to recognize them. For example learn the diagrams and their labeling, derivations for certain formulas, etc. Students should also know that the chemistry section is the easiest and the highest scoring, so they should try to take advantage of it.

7 . Cultivate Your Skills

During the exam, you need to be fast as well as accurate with your answers. To perform well you need to cultivate your skills over time. You can improve and cultivate your skills by following these steps:

  • Practice writing solutions to the questions in your own words.
  • Revise all completed topics every day or go through them at least once.
  • Try to make short notes for the topics.
  • Separate physics, chemistry, and biology notes should be maintained.
  • Try to solve sample papers few days before the exam.

8 . Proper Rest

Students may find this funny but you need proper and adequate rest. This will keep you fresh and relaxed, try to sleep 6-8hrs daily and eat healthy foods. Avoid fast foods and any kind of junk foods. Keeping your healthy well will benefit you in the long run and help you with your preparation. Eat fruits and vegetables and avoid meat, fish, and eggs during the time of examination.

9 . Chapters that are Important in the 9th Class Science Paper

The science exam consists of three subjects that are physics, chemistry, and biology. All the chapters are equally important and must not be avoided. Following are some of the chapters that will come in the science paper:

  • Matter – Its nature and behavior: This unit is included in chemistry and needs to be studied properly. It contains five chapters. Learn about the names of the elements and the classifications, types of mixtures, and their states. Learn the structure of the atoms and their chemical formulas.
  • Cell – Basic unit of life: This unit is present in biology and it consists of 5 chapters. Study the chapters thoroughly and learn about the types of tissues and tendons. Learn about the plant and animal cells and also learn their differences.
  • Motion – Force of work: This unit is present in physics and it also consists of five chapters. Learn all the laws of newton and practice sums related to it.

10 . Exam Day

Once you get your question paper read the questions properly before answering them. Try not to spend too much time on a particular question, solve the easier questions before attempting the difficult ones. Draw and label diagrams with a pencil.


Following the above 10 strategies will help you to score well in your 9th class science exam paper.