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10 Sure Signs You’ve Found Yourself A True Friend


Genuine friendships make our lives more interesting and fulfilling. They add value to our lives. But the truth is that finding a true friend is quite hard these days. Because a true friend is more than just a close friend. They are more than just a best friend. They are your soulmate. They are your rock. They are someone who sticks with you through thick and thin.

Your BFF may or may not be this person for you. If you want to be sure that they really are, here are 10 clear signs that you’ve found yourself a true friend:

1. You accept each other the way you are.

You’re aware of each other’s weaknesses and flaws, and yet, this doesn’t prevent you from accepting and appreciating each other. It doesn’t prevent you from embracing and appreciating each other’s differences.

2. You support each other’s goals.

You may share similar goals and passions, but you also understand and support each other’s individual goals as well as efforts to achieve them. 

You respect and support their goals and dreams since you want them to be happy and fulfilled. You want them to achieve success in every aspect of their life.

3. You fully trust each other.

Your friendship is based on trust. You always tell each other the truth, no matter how bitter or painful it might be. You also make sure you never put yourselves in a situation in which you’d have to lie to each other. You make sure you never destroy the trust you have in each other.

4. You can talk to each other about everything.

Having a true friend means having someone you can freely talk to about whatever is on your mind, regardless of how shallow or deep it might be. It means having someone you can share your secrets with, knowing that they are safe with them.

5. You feel comfortable spending time being quiet together as well.

Your friendship is so genuine and deep that you’ve learned how to be silent without feeling awkward. You both understand that you don’t always need to talk so as to be in each other’s company. You both find spending time in silence really enjoyable.

6. You respect each other’s opinions.

You both understand that everyone has different perceptions of the world. That’s the reason why you never criticize or judge each other when your opinions differ. Instead, you accept and respect each other’s ideas and views of the world and you enjoy learning from each other.

7. Space and time are not a problem for you two.

When a friendship is deep and firm, space and time can never ruin it.

Your friendship is so strong that faces boundaries of time and space. You can be miles apart and still feel close to each other.

8. You feel comfortable around each other.

You know each other’s irritating habits, unique quirks and whims, wildest dreams, and innermost secrets which you only share with individuals you feel most comfortable around. You simply know things about each other that many others don’t.

And most importantly, you don’t judge each other for your experiences and bad sides. Instead, you embrace and cherish each other the way you are.

9. You’re always there for each other.

When you’re going through a rough time in life, they’re there for you. Because you’re each other’s greatest help and support. You both know that you can always rely on each other for comfort and help.

That’s how you know that you’ve found yourself a true friend. Because a fake one will leave you to deal with your problems on your own when things go bad for you.

10. You laugh a lot.

You’ve created so many unforgettable happy memories that you have innumerable inside jokes. When you share jokes with each other, they might make no sense to an outside observer.

And that’s fine. Since as long as your friendship is fun, you shouldn’t worry about whether or not others find you weird when they see the two of you laughing your heads off.