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10 Telltale Signs He Is Ready To Leave You But Doesn’t Have The Guts To Tell You The Truth


Loving is hard. Not being loved back is even harder. I know this from personal experience. And I believe that most of you do too.

The thing is, sometimes we are not strong enough to accept reality the way it is. Sometimes it is very painful for us to realize that our relationship is hanging by a thread and that thread is our love for that person. Because sometimes pretending that everything is fine is the only thing that gets us through the day.

Sadly, this is something almost everyone I know has been through.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to do that too.

There will come a time in your life when love won’t be enough. Denying that fact won’t make things better; it will only break your heart to pieces.

Here are 10 telltale signs that he is ready to leave you but doesn’t have the balls to tell you the truth:

1. He gets addicted to many harmful habits. There was a time when your partner maintained a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but now it looks like he has completely surrendered himself to vices. If you notice that your partner is suddenly having a drinking/smoking problem, this may be a sign that he is holding something in.  

2. He suddenly starts working all day and all night. When a man suddenly starts working long shifts or comes home very late from work because he went for a beer with his buddies, take this as a sign that he may be sending subtle signals that he no longer wants to be with you. It’s simple. As bad as this sounds, if he loved you, he would have done everything to spend more time with you.

3. The sex is not the way it once was. He always falls asleep on the couch. You barely make love. And even when you do, it no longer feels the same. He is no longer trying to please you. The passion you once shared has turned into purely physical pleasure.

4. He doesn’t touch you with the same passion that he touched you before. He no longer gives you neck kisses. He no longer hugs you and snuggles with you before you fall asleep. For some reason, you feel as though he avoids holding your hand in public. It is almost like you are in a relationship with a stranger.

5.Every time you ask him how he feels he is always ‘great’. But there is both sadness and confusion in his eyes. Something about him tells you that he is not fine. He is just pretending to be fine because he has no idea how to leave without breaking your heart.

6. He is more and more distant. You feel alone. Even when you are right there sitting next to him. The more you try to get closer to him, the more he pushes you away.

7. He fights with you for no reason. He has never been the type to actually get mad for something silly like you eating his dinner, but now it seems as though he has changed. If your man picks fights with you for no reason, this is a sign that he may not love you the way he used to.

8. He ignores the conversations about your future plans together. It’s not that he has forgotten about it all. He simply stopped bringing up the future you two had planned because he no longer sees himself beside you.

9. He is constantly moody. One moment he seems completely fine and then the next minute he is immediately annoyed by everything around him. His mood swings are constant, and they are completely unpredictable. If you feel as though you no longer recognize your own partner, this a sign that he may not love you anymore, but he’s just too afraid to tell you the truth.

10. He is a completely different person. You can feel it in your heart, and you can feel it in your gut. You know that he has changed. And you can guess why, but it is too damn hard to face the cold-hearted truth because facing it means accepting that reality.