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10 Telltale Signs He’s Ready To Ditch You (But He Doesn’t Have The Guts)


Gut feelings are more on point than not. So, if you’re having that feeling that your guy is ready to ditch you, that’s because he actually is.

You can feel that your guy has become distant and that he wants to leave you although he hasn’t said that to you outright. You can rack your brains wondering why he wants to end the relationship or whether it’s your fault or not. You can try as hard as you can to make things work between you. But, the truth is, if he’s ready to ditch you, he will.

Just because it’s painful to accept what your gut feeling is telling you, it doesn’t mean that you have to continue dating him and live in denial as this will make you feel even worse.

If you’re unsure whether or not your guy is ready to ditch you, here are 10 signs that show he definitely is:

1. He seems distant.

If you feel lonelier when you’re by his side than when you’re alone, this is a sure sign his feelings for you have cooled off. When you have conversations, he doesn’t pay attention to the things you tell him. Additionally, he doesn’t talk to you about his feelings and worries, or how his day went, or about anything that’s on his mind.

Even at times when you manage to draw his attention to you, you don’t feel at ease because you know this won’t last long.

2. He leaves you out his future plans.

Maybe you planned to spend the holidays together, travel around Europe, and even move in together, but all of a sudden he stopped making plans for the future. That’s because he no longer sees you in it.

He can’t imagine the two of you staying together. You can’t hear him say the word ‘we’ anymore. Moreover, when he makes plans for his future, be that short-term or long-term, he never asks for your opinion.

3. He fights for no reason.

No, I’m not talking about those moments he gets upset when you forget to throw out the rubbish or when you leave your make – up products all over the apartment. He actually starts getting annoyed at everything you do. What he’s actually trying to do is to find even the simplest reason for which he can start arguing with you, create unnecessary drama, and tell you goodbye.

4. He gives in to his vices.                                             

If your guy knows that his vices negatively affect his health and bother you and he still isn’t showing any intention of giving up smoking, drinking, gambling or whatever, most probably, he’s lost interest in you a long time ago and he’s ready to walk out the door.

If he really cared about and wanted to stay with you, he’d give his best to quit his vices, thereby showing he cares about your feelings and opinions.

5. He’s suddenly become busy working all the time.

The same job, the same boss, and the same responsibilities, but he works long hours and comes home later than usual. The truth is, when a guy wants to be with you, he’ll always make time for you, no matter how busy he is. Since your man doesn’t fit into this category, chances are he’s already halfway out the door.

6. There’s a lack of sexual intimacy.

Couples who are in long-term relationships know that their sex life slows down as the relationship goes on. If your guy doesn’t care about your needs when it comes to intimacy in the relationship or moreover, you’ve stopped having sex altogether, this is a sure sign your relationship is falling apart.

Moreover, if he doesn’t bother to kiss and hug you and he always acts as if he’s too busy or tired to cuddle with you, you can be sure he’s completely lost interest in you and is ready to ditch you.

7. He stopped taking care of himself.

When he was trying to win your love, he always tried to look tidy and appealing and be well mannered. But, now he can look like a real mess, curse, and behave inappropriately in your presence without feeling any shame. Yeah, he has definitely no intention of keeping you around.

8. He says “I’m great” when he’s not even okay.

When you notice that he’s down in the dumps and ask him if he is okay, he doesn’t tell you what’s bothering him. Instead, he just says he’s ‘great’, thereby avoiding answering any additional questions. If he was interested in and wanted to stay with you, he’d be more than willing to share his worries and problems with you.

9. His mood frequently changes.

He can be cheerful and kind one moment and grumpy the next. You can’t tell whether something you say or do will make him happy and satisfied or upset him. You feel insecure about sharing your problems with him and complaining about anything, let alone his behavior, because you’re afraid he might lose his temper. He doesn’t care if you feel uncomfortable and insecure in his presence. Doesn’t this make you wonder why he behaves like this?

10. Your heart tells you so.

Your heart is rarely wrong. If you know in your heart that your guy has lost interest in you and wants to break up with you, what other proof do you need? Feeling this way is heartbreaking, I know, but accepting the harsh truth will save you from additional pain and suffering. So, instead of waiting for him to ditch you, why don’t you be the one who will end the relationship first?

Image: Lizzy Newman