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10 Telltale Signs You Could Be On The Verge Of Having A Mental Breakdown


Do you ever feel like secluding yourself in a quiet, dark room and screaming the dissatisfaction and resentment out of your lungs? Do you ever feel like flying off the handle if your co-worker makes a sarcastic or negative comment about you? Or do you ever feel like storming out of your office in the middle of a meeting since you simply can’t take it anymore?

Well, if you answered all of the questions with a yes, chances are that you could be heading for a serious mental breakdown. The mental breakdown definition is a result of a protracted period of accumulative stress, anxiety, and depression.

What you should know is that regardless of how good you are at tolerating and handling the symptoms of a mental breakdown, if you don’t practice self-care and find a way to release the pressure and get the rest you need, mental breakdown can negatively affect your overall health as well as the quality of your life.

Here are 10 telltale signs that you could be on the verge of having a mental breakdown:

1. You’ve been experiencing frequent, radical mood swings.

You are feeling great one minute, and the smallest, least important thing can make you lose your temper and lash out at whoever is near you the next. Although you normally have no problem controlling the way you react, lately you’ve been having a hard time doing this because you feel like everyone and everything around you gets on your nerves.  

2. You’ve been isolating yourself from everyone.

You are an outgoing person and you enjoy hanging out with your friends and family, but lately, you’ve been avoiding seeing them. Perhaps the reason for this is that you don’t have a lot of free time or perhaps you don’t want them to find out about what you’re going through. Whatever the reason is, you’ve been doing your best to avoid seeing them lately.

3. You’re feeling very confused.

Your mind feels cloudy. You keep making mistakes at work because you find it extremely hard to concentrate. You often can’t remember where you put your phone last. Your mind keeps wandering off while others are talking to you. Sometimes you even think that you’ve heard or seen something which is not there. You feel like you’re no longer in control of what goes on in your life.

4. You feel numb.

Some moments you feel upset, anxious, or sad and other moments you just don’t feel anything. You feel numb. You lose interest in the things you generally enjoy doing and sometimes you even don’t care about the way you look.

5. You’ve been trying to distract yourself in every way you can.

In order to escape from your reality, you’ve been spending most of your time watching movies, reading books, and playing computer games lately. Doing these things helps you clear your mind of unwanted, negative thoughts and stay focused both at home and work.

6. You’ve been experiencing health issues.

You’ve been feeling so stressed out, anxious, and bitter lately that all this has started negatively affecting your physical health. A rapid heartbeat, stomachaches, and headaches have become your everyday issues.

7. You’ve lost hope for a better future.

Negative thoughts are beginning to overpower your positive thoughts. You’ve been feeling so disappointed, bitter, and hopeless lately that you feel like you’re stuck in a dark, bottomless hole and you can’t find the way out. What’s even worse, you feel like there’s no point in looking for it.

8. You’ve gotten into bad habits.

You’ve fallen into self-destructive habits and you find it really hard to break yourself of them. You’ve started smoking and drinking alcohol more. You’ve also been wasting a lot of money on expensive, unnecessary things.

The problem with this is that you don’t consider these habits bad, instead, you see them as a way which helps you manage your stress more easily.

9. You’ve got so much to take care of that you’ve started procrastinating.

All the stress you’ve been experiencing lately has sucked all the energy out of you and left you feeling mentally and physically exhausted. As a result, doing your chores and taking care of your responsibilities at work is extremely hard for you. You don’t know what to do first and what last.

Planning and organizing your daily activities is so difficult and exhausting for you that procrastination has become something you practice every day.

10. You’ve been struggling with dark thoughts.

Your mind has been so swarmed with dark, negative thoughts lately that you often feel hopeless. Besides being unproductive at work, you feel like you don’t have the energy to do even basic things, such as hanging out with your friends and family.

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10 Telltale Signs You Could Be On The Verge Of Having A Mental Breakdown