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10 Things A Girl Who Has Lost Her Father Wants You To Know


When I was 15 I lost my dad. Now, 10 years later, the pain still lingers within me. I know that I am not the only one that goes through this, that there are many children out there who lost their dads too.

However, during these 10 years that I spent without my dad, I learned valuable lessons. And I want to share some of these things with my friends that I want them to know.  

1. Ask About My Dad

Don’t be afraid to ask about my dad. I want to talk about him, I want to share my memories with him with the world. When you ask me about him my heart fills with joy that someone is interested in knowing him. Just pardon me if I break out in tears – this happens every time I talk about him.

2. Listen

Understand that sometimes all I need is someone who listens. When I have a rough day and I need to talk with a friend – be that friend. You don’t even have to say something in return, just your listening ear and your presence are more than enough.  

3. Pardon My Silence 

I am sorry for my moments of silence anytime you talk about your father. I don’t mean to look harsh and uninterested, or to make you feel like your words are unimportant to me. The thing is, every time you talk about your dad it brings old memories with my dad, and it is hard for me not to burst out in tears.   

4. Please Don’t Try To Understand My Heartache

Because the truth is you cannot understand my pain unless you have lost a parent too. But, I appreciate your effort. I really do.

5. Forgive Me For I Am Broken

When my dad left me, he took a piece of my heart and soul with him. So, forgive me for the times when I bleed from that missing piece and you might see a different side of me. If you see changed, like I am not myself – understand that I am in pain. Because the loss of a parent changes a person entirely.

6. Please Don’t Take Your Dad For Granted

Call him today and tell him how much you love him. Because the thing is, you might not have tomorrow. I wish I had one last conversation with my dad. Don’t make the mistake to take him for granted. Appreciate him every day.

7. Always Tell Him You Love Him

Even when you are arguing and you ‘hate’ him in that moment, in a few hours when you cool off, you will realize how unnecessary it was to fight with your dad. So, before you decide to slam the door and walk out the room, count to ten, and remember that he is your dad and he loves you. Say you love him too.

8. Make Memories

Don’t say you don’t have time. Make time. You Should always make time for people that are important to you. You will cherish those memories in the years to follow.

9. I Am Jealous Of You

I admit it – I am jealous that you have your dad and I don’t. I know it is selfish and I certainly don’t want to feel this way. I am happy for you, I don’t want you to experience the same pain as me. But, understand that whenever I see you and your dad together it cuts me like a knife.

10. I Am Here For You Too

If you get heart-broken remember that I will be there. Just call me and I’ll be there. I will listen to you and wipe your tears because that’s what you did for me when I was hurting, and you still do.

I love you.