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10 Things to Stop Letting Others Do To You


The greatest thing one can do is to follow his own heart!

You see, today’s world is so arranged that every day we meet people, we connect with them, we talk to them and sometimes we depend on them. There are those who can lift us up, cheer us, but there are also the ones who can drain us completely and we can just lose ourselves.

 In a world where people are mostly selfish and egoistic and think that they know what’s best for you, you must learn to take a stand. One must learn to take back the control over his own thoughts, over his own life and follow his heart wherever it may lead.

So if you want to walk your own Path and start appreciating your own Self, it’s time to stop doing these things:

  1. Stop explaining yourself

This is the first and the utmost important thing to do if you want to be happy. Never ever use your precious time to explain yourself to someone who has already decided to misunderstand you! So don’t waste your time with someone to whom you have tried a thousand times to prove yourself right. Remember, there is absolutely no need for anyone to know or to think whether you are right or wrong. What matters the most is that you know that you are right and just stick to it and walk away from that absolutely unnecessary argument.

  1. Stop letting people drown you into their negativity

Some people tend to be negative all the time and that’s just fine, it’s their own choice. They consciously or unconsciously choose not to be positive, not to improve their own well being, so don’t ever expect that they will be much pleasant company for you either. Such negative people only want company for their misery, not help so stop trying to help them. You can listen, make few suggestions, have a polite conversation if you will, but that’s all. Don’t waste your time helping someone who just wants to drag you down.

  1. Stop letting people blind you from your Truth

We all have our own believes, our own experiences, our own laughs and hurts. And all these things together make our Truth. So no matter what others say to you, just stay strong in what you believe, in what you have seen and felt with your own eyes and heart. Never let anyone make you doubt your own Truth. Nevertheless you should still stay open minded for new experiences, new people and their thoughts, but this should make your Truth wider and yourself wiser, not doubtful and confused.

  1. Stop letting the same people lie to you over and over again

There is a saying that goes like this – “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!” There are times that once in a while we all have partaken in someone else’s lies, and have said to ourselves: “…well ok, he probably doesn’t want to hurt me, so I’ll let it go this time”. But please, listen to your own promise, only this time! Don’t make it a habit to be someone else’s fool.

  1. Stop being a back-up plan

You should never settle to be someone’s amusement time, spare time, part time or sometime. Start appreciating yourself and remember that if you can be the first violin – act like one!

  1. Stop trying to please others

Even if you try, you cannot please everyone, so stop pushing yourself so hard. Sometimes there are some people who seems to have problems all the time and they always ask you for help, but stop and think for a moment… maybe there is no problem at all, maybe they are the problem. Thus please choose very carefully who do you please and why!

  1. Stop letting people take control of your dreams

Remember that the one who didn’t knew that it was impossible, did it! So be this person, be the one who does make everything possible and gets the most of his dreams and life. Live your life at its fullest, never letting someone else tell you what is possible and what’s not.

  1. Stop taking the problems of others onto you

Here you should remember that each one of us have their own destiny, their own karma and life mission, so believe me it is not up to you to make amends for someone else’s wrong doings. You yourself have enough problems as it is, so try solving them first. And when someone asks your help just help them, don’t take their problems as one of your own.

  1. Stop letting people take advantage of you

I know that we all want to help, to be there for someone, but sometimes we can end up paying dearly for always putting others as priority. You should never forget yourself as they do. People tend to notice only your absence, but very rarely your presence. Don’t let anyone take you for granted, remember that you too have a life you should be living.

  1. Stop letting people use your past to control your present

No matter what you have done in the past, the past can and should stay in the past! What’s done is done. Life is too short to stress yourself with old memories and people that won’t let it go. There’ll always be someone who cannot stand your happiness and that you had moved on and they will try to set you back, to through your past into your face. So forgive yourself, just let it go, because only when you are at peace with your Self, only than no one can ever hurt you and control your present or your beautiful future.

Stop doing things that make you unhappy and force you to withdraw from living your life to its fullest. Rearrange your priority list and make yourself the first person that deserves to be happy and at peace and work until you have achieve it and that learn not to lose it ever again.