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10 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Most recent traffic reports suggest that over 15% of road accidents involve a motorcycle. This may be due to their size, which makes their visibility on the road relatively low, or just carelessness and not observing traffic rules. Motorcycle accidents can be severe and lead to permanent injuries, loss of income, or even death. So, with this article, you’ll find 10 tips on how to avoid motorcycle accidents. (1)

1. Be Visible

Visibility is one of the leading causes of accidents involving motorcycles due to their size. So, to be safe, we advocate for wearing reflective or brightly colored clothing, using turn signals and hand signals, and driving with your headlights on during the day.

2. Take a Safety Course

Most accidents caused by motorcyclists are a result of the motorcyclist not knowing what to do hence them panicking, thus causing an accident. To avoid such a case, you can take a safety course where they’ll educate you on what measures to take in case of an impending accident.

3. Obey the Traffic Rules

The traffic rules were created with the safety of all road users in mind; by observing the rules, you reduce the risks of being involved in or causing an accident.

4. Stay at a Safe Distance

Whenever you are riding, always ensure that you are at least four seconds away from the vehicle ahead; this gives you an allowance you can use to stop during an emergency.

5. Use Freeways Whenever Possible

Freeways offer few chances for other road users to turn across your right of way due to the limited access roads, which make them much safer for motorcyclists.

6. Beware of Your Surroundings When Switching Lanes

When switching lanes, ensure you signal your intent in advance and check your blind spots to ensure there aren’t any motorists around before you finally switch lanes.

7. Watch Your Speed

Whenever you’re riding, always adhere to the speed limit. Also, when approaching rail barriers, rocks, bumps, sharp bends, or city roads, reduce your speed so that you can have enough time to navigate the situation and anticipate what may come next.

8. Always Honk to Notify Other Motorists of Your Presence

It isn’t wise to rely on the noise of your exhaust pipes or other motorist being aware that they share the road with you, so always honk to notify them that you are around.

9. Never Drink and Drive

Operating any vehicle requires your complete attention and awareness; hence it isn’t advisable to operate any machine or vehicle while under the influence or even when stressed. So, before you start riding, ensure that you are sober to avoid causing injuries in a motorcycle accident.

10. Always be Aware of the Weather

Weather conditions such as rain interfere with motorcyclists’ vision and may cause slippery roads. Before you take your motorbike for a ride, ensure you are aware of the weather of both areas you are heading to and the situation of the roads leading to your destination.

Remember, safety starts with you, and always respect other road users. Stay safe. (2)