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10 Unique Shellac Nails Designs This Year | Glaminati.Com



When it comes to nails trends, shellac nails always take the first position in the list, and the reason is everyone’s guess; these designs of nails are beautiful and sophisticated. It allows you to rock the best of the two worlds since it offers long-lasting, shiny manicure that can last up to two weeks and doesn’t damage your nails as most artificial nails do.

You can acquire shellac nails polish at any nail salon near you, and the designs are pretty simple. You can therefore DIY at home. Ready to get started with your shellac nails? Here are excellent ideas you should consider.

  1. Beautiful Pastel Pink And Snowflakes.

Because the shade in this manicure is light pink, it is an excellent way to experiment with something a little bold without shouting for the attention. The subtle lavender and the light pink hues alternate nails and finished with snowflake nail art. Ideal for any queen out there!

  1. Classic Light Pink Nails.

This shellac nail design has been in the nail styling industry for so long, and it is not going anywhere soon. The subtle colour of pink is among the nude nail shades that always appear polished and professional, hence can be worn in any event. This is an ideal every day manicure since it can be worn in every event and goes with any outfit.


  1. Deep Shiny Red Shellac.

This colour of shiny deep red is stunning for the holidays. However, this is not only the occasion you can rock it. It can be worn in most informal occasions. The glittering red brings a balance between sophistication and simplicity.

  1. Purple Shellac Nails and Glitter Highlight.

This purple shellac nail design is taken to a different level of sophistication by the glittery nail highlight. This striking purple can be worn by anyone with any skin type. The hue of glitter is unique in all the accepted way. This is an alluring manicure for teenagers, especially on holiday.

  1. Glitter Nude Nail Design.

If you are after multi-coloured manicures, but you are still in school, or you work in a place that is too conservative, then this glitter nail design is a fun way to show your beauty. These colours of shellac nails incorporate grey-lavender hue, a beautiful sand shade, and peach colour. The hues and muted colours make this nail design ideal for work.

  1. Bold Violet Shellac Nail Design.

This elongated shellac nail design is preserved for those who are not faint-hearted. Dramatic, elongated stiletto nails shaped with the beautiful colour of violet is all you need to steal the entire show. This design colour just screams the summertime beach party. Accompany it with some dramatic colours and sexy bikini and eyes won’t resist your charm.


  1. Shiny Copper Stiletto Nails.

A gorgeous, neutral copper shade lights up this design. The nails are shaped in stiletto design, and the shiny copper is incorporate for ambiance. This colour effortlessly works for any nail shape and length too. It is a beautiful shellac nail design to rock in summer and early autumn.

  1. Peach Glitter Polish.

Unlike most shellac nails designs that are usually short length, this one is medium length. This length when matched with glittery polish is something you would wish to try. It is an ideal design to rock in summertime and springtime with a beautiful floral dress. With some colour saturation, this is a beautiful shade to try.

  1. Sexy Dark Red.

This design is for sure drop-dead beautiful, and you can agree that too. The dark red works perfectly on a sexy night date if you want to fire up your date. To achieve this, pair it with a little dress to get that seducingly girlish and beautiful style.

  1. Baby Pink Nail Design.

This is a beautiful nude colour of pink. It is solid and saturated enough to shade all the whites on your shellac nails, but it is an ideal match for any skin colour.