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10 Unmistakable Signs That You Have A Connection That Is Built To Last A Lifetime


We’ve all felt that remarkable, out-of-this-world feeling at the beginning of a relationship. We’ve all felt the butterflies in our stomach. It’s something that cannot be explained, only experienced. It is commonly known as the honeymoon phase which only lasts a few months.

But if you are one of those few ones whose relationship never ever got out of that honeymoon phase; I salute you. I hope you know how blessed and lucky you are.

Here are 10 unmistakable signs that you have a connection that is built to last a lifetime:

1. You have fun doing absolutely nothing. You don’t feel like you always need to do something interesting together to have fun. You enjoy each other’s company by simply sitting next to each other and doing nothing.

2. You always support one another. Whatever happens, you are always there to lend a helping hand and help them go through the issue. You have each other’s back. You stick together through thick and then. It’s clear that you are more than just a couple. You are a team.

3. You fight, but you also talk about your issues and find a way to resolve them. Communication is a very important part of your relationship. Whatever is happening between you two, you don’t go to bed until you resolve it.

4. You have many mutual friendships. So, basically, you are more than just a couple. You are friends who love each other more than anyone else. You have many mutual friends and you enjoy spending time with them.

5. You make each other laugh. Everything is funny when you are together. Your humor is one of the things that connect you the most. You vibrate on the same frequency level.

6. You are very grateful that you have each other, and you are not afraid to show that. They are your entire life, and you are theirs. There is no place in the universe that you’d rather be than in each other’s arms. You love each other more than anything else and you are not afraid to show one another how strong your emotions are.

7. You respect one another. This is one of the most important things that people should focus on if they want their relationships to thrive. Luckily, you already know that. You respect each other’s opinions, work, ideas, preferences and time. That is a sign that your connection is based on genuine love. Something that is meant to last a lifetime.

8. They inspire you to grow. They make you a better person. It is them and their love that gives you the strength to be who you are and reach your potential. Thanks to the connection you have, you are the person you were always meant to be.

9. You trust each other unconditionally. Your honesty is what helps your relationship overcome any obstacle along the way.

10. You are completely honest with each other. You don’t resort to childish games such as manipulating or gaslighting. Everything you feel or you wish to say, you say it to their face. That is one of the biggest reasons why your love flourishes. Your connection is built on sincerity. That is something that is meant to last forever.

10 Unmistakable Signs That You Have A Connection That Is Built To Last A Lifetime