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10 Ways To Raise A Happy Child


Raising a child isn’t a walk in the park, but how you raise a child in their early years will directly affect how they perceive themselves and the world throughout their life. It’s therefore incredibly important to foster their happiness as much as possible to give them the best chance in life.

To raise a happy child, consider the following 10 tips.

  1. Praise your child’s efforts

Praising your child is very important because self-esteem and confidence are linked to happiness, but you should be careful to praise the right things. You should never expect perfection from your child because it’s counterproductive. Instead of praising the result or outcome or something you should praise the effort and the journey. If a child knows the value of the effort they give and how it matters just as much – if not more – than the outcome, they will be more fulfilled and, in turn, happier.

  1. Allow room for failure

Truman Capote once wrote, “Failure is the spice that gives success it’s flavour” and while this is an important notion for adults to grasp, children should also understand the benefit of failure and why it’s important. If your child doesn’t understand that’s it’s OK to fail at things and that being “perfect” is unrealistic, they will find more joy in their successes and lead a happier life.

  1. Encourage outdoor play

Outdoor play is extremely beneficial for young children. It can enhance their cognitive wellbeing as well as their social and emotional skills. It can also spark creativity, curiosity and joy. The more play time a child has, the happier they will be.

Physical activity is important for your child’s growth and development, and outdoor playhouse for kids can play a huge role in getting them to move around outside. With all of the running, climbing, crawling, and sliding they’ll do, it’s helps them to keep their bones the muscles, hands, and legs strong and healthy as well as their overall growth. And also, it encourages kids to get away from the video games and TV and play outside in the fresh air with other children.

You should also enrol your child in a top quality child day care centre in Kairong that encourages outdoor play and promotes a positive environment.

  1. Allow them to be bored

No one – especially a child – likes to be bored. However, being bored forces us to learn, to think creatively and to find pleasure in new things – all of which greatly benefits young children as it enhances their cognitive development.

  1. Give them responsibilities

Having responsibility, a purpose and a sense of belonging is the essence of happiness. By giving your child responsibilities – however small – they will feel like they are contributing to the family, which will boost their self-confidence. For example, you could make it your child’s responsibility to set the table before dinner or to fill up the dog’s water bowl. Not only will this teach them about chores but it will make them feel more valued.

  1. Share quality time

Sharing quality time with your child is crucial, and the more loved they feel the happier they will be. Be affectionate and generous with your time. You don’t have to shower them in gifts or bribe them with toys, simply spend time cuddling them, hanging out with them and talking to them as you do day-to-day tasks (this will also give them life skills). The more undivided attention they get from you, the closer, the more supported and the more loved they will feel – three prerequisites for happiness.

  1. Instil family values

Having a strong family network is important for your child’s happiness. Even if your family is conventional, you should make it a priority to instil good family values and spend time together. For example, you should make an effort to sit down and have family dinners every evening, as this will strengthen your connection.

  1. Find your own happiness

As a parent, you should try to lead by example, especially when it comes to happiness. If you are happy, you can love and nurture your child as best as possible. Do everything you can to nurture your own happiness and your child will be happy, too.

  1. Encourage altruism

Teaching your child to be kind and helpful towards others will allow them to build a positive foundation upon which they can live a happy and healthy life. Human connection is powerful, and the more love and kindness they give, the more they will receive.

  1. Practice gratitude

By encouraging habitual practicing gratitude, your child will lead a happy life. Encourage him/her to appreciate everything they have and all of their blessings, and they won’t look for the things they don’t have. The more optimistic they are, the more goals they will achieve and the more pleasure they will get from life.