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11 Characteristics That Show You’re A Member Of The Kindest Personality Type (ISTJ)


It is known that we have specific preferences in the way we experience things and these preferences show our interests, values, needs, and inspiration.

One of the most accurate and valuable indicators of our unique personalities and preferences is the Myers-Briggs type indicator. Never heard of it? Keep reading.

The Myers-Briggs identity indicator is a result of the work of the prominent psychiatrist Carl Jung and it’s later developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs.

People’s personalities, according to Carl Jung’s psychological typology are formed by 4 functions. Two of them help us process information better known as sensing and intuition.

The other two help us in the decision-making process in a form of thinking or feeling. And it’s important to know that each of us has a preference of one over the other.

Out of these 4 dichotomies are combined 16 different types of personalities which are assigned by an acronym of the 4 letters that correspond to the combination.

One of the kindest personality types in the entire Myers-Briggs set of 16 possible personalities is the ISTJ type of personality. These people are special and that’s why we love them.

According to Myers-Briggs identity indicator, ISTJ stands for Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. This identity type can be found in only 10-14% of the population. This truly makes these people extraordinary.

To find out whether you belong to the rarest personality type, here are 11 traits of an ISTJ person that you need to check out:

1. You’ve been called old-fashioned and considered an “old soul” by most of the people

ISTJ is an identity of people who are known to be as “old school” as they come. These rare birds stick to tradition – whether it’s dating methods and moves, moral beliefs or even the way they love. They’re more likely to stick to the path they’ve once chosen rather than wander to the unknown.

2. Your idea of a perfectly spent day involves you wrapped up in blankets, reading yourself to sleep

If there’s one thing that’s most important to ISTJ people is appreciating their alone time. Introvert alert: You take pleasure in indulging in your favorite activities that include you and yourself only.

3. Whenever someone needs a reality check, they come running to YOU

People who possess an ISTJ personality are the most responsible and realistic human beings. You are THE most reliable when someone is dealing with serious issues and needs a more realistic, down-to-earth approach.

Because of your ability to notice every detail and give attention to the important parts of the problem, you easily point out the wrong-doings and help them get over it.

4. It’s the little things in life that mean the most

As an ISTJ personality type, you find joy in every day’s little things. Indulging in a sweet, guilty pleasure just for the sake of it? Sure! Treating yourself with a Sunday walk with your dog to the park? Definitely YES!

Just because everyone enjoys wasting on weekends doesn’t mean you should like it too. Each person has their own type of amusement.

5. At work, you end up in a managerial position

You might also be an accountant or a researcher. ISTJs are widely known as real hard-workers who focus on getting the work done more effectively and efficiently. So, it’s safe to say that finding a place to work will never be a burden to you.

6. You often experience difficulties whenever you face unpredictability and changes

Stability is number one for a person with an ISTJ personality. You have a perfectly functioning daily routine and at the end of the day, that is what makes you feel safe. If you feel like you haven’t done the task properly or you can’t decipher a person’s thought, you end up feeling doubtful and irritated.

7. You often care more about being right than making the other person feel good

At the risk of sounding self-centered, ISTJ people have an extreme need for logical thinking and correctness in any given situation. This is also the biggest problem in every relationship to the point where they manage to drive people away from them.

8. As a result, ISTJs are the most honest people you’ll get to meet

Honest to the point of being brutal. They might sometimes hurt a person’s feelings, but you can rest assured you’ll always know the truth.

9. You’ve been called a “safe place” before

People refer to you as ‘safe.’ As some kind of a shelter whenever a person gets hit by life’s difficulties. You’ve felt this feeling and you know what it means. People know that they can count on you when the road gets rocky.

10. You are a very serene and practical person

As I mentioned earlier, logical reasoning is your biggest weapon against this irrational world. You have clear, realistic goals and strive to achieve them one step of at a time. Anxiety isn’t your thing unless you’re completely shocked by an undesired outcome, but even then it’s temporary.

11. The most important power your personality holds is making friends and family happy

ISTJs are the ultimate people pleasers. It’s almost like that’s the purpose of your existence on Earth. You are more than willing to go the extra mile for the ones you love, only to see them smiling. It’s most likely you end up blaming yourself for things that aren’t in your control only for the sake of the other person.