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11 Habits Of Confident People That Make Them Highly Lovable


Confidence is the belief in one’s ability to succeed in any area of their life. However, finding a healthy balance can be tricky. If you have too much confidence, you might come off as arrogant, but if you have too little, it can be a barrier for you to take risks and seize opportunities.

I am sure you have met someone that captivated you with their presence. Be it the way they talked, walked, their manners… you name it. Some people just radiate and are like walking magnets attracting people wherever they go.

You can call this charisma, charm, magnetism, allure, confidence, whatever you like – the fact is some people have this “IT” factor that others admire.  

Below are 11 habits that almost all confident and charismatic people possess.

1. They have the right body language.

Highly confident people cannot hide their confidence. It is shown in the way they carry themselves. However, that doesn’t mean that they always feel confident, but they have the right body language and posture and they know how to appear confident even when they are not feeling that way.

2. They are active listeners.

According to one study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, people who show interest and ask questions, make their partner feel more secure and more likely to open up. Plus, because people love talking about themselves, the person who actively listens to them will be instantly perceived as more likable.

3. They are curious.

Just as they are curious about the world around them, they are curious about other people’s lives too. They want to know their story and what made them be the person they are today. This is a very attractive quality in a person and taking interest in someone’s story makes a person look more appealing.

4. They start the day with a positive mindset.  

Confident people know that starting the day with positive thoughts will make their lives more enjoyable and easier. All further conversations and interactions with others will be more positive and filled with enthusiasm. This makes others be more sincere and respectful themselves. And, we can agree that everyone loves a positive person.

5. They don’t have a need to be right.

The brain’s primitive response of “fight or flight” is activated based on their interest in the topic of the conversation, according to a study from Emory University. Or, in other words, we have an ingrained need in our brain to be right all the time, especially when it involves our passions as well. Confident people, however, are able to suppress these primitive emotions and they can hold a proper conversation with someone even if their views are opposing.

6. They smile a lot.

It is a fact that a smile can do a lot about how a person is perceived by others. Sometimes it only takes a slight smile for people to lower their guards and hear what you have to say. Plus, happier people are perceived as more confident and are more likable to others.

7. They share the spotlight.

Confident people don’t care about being at the center of attention. They are also one of the most selfless people and they try to praise and lift the spirits of others worthy individuals. This generous quality makes them liked by everyone.

8. They show their vulnerable side.

Vulnerability is no longer considered a weakness. In fact, not everyone is able to show their vulnerability – it takes a strong person to be vulnerable. Plus, it is a human trait that is both compelling and charming. It also sends a powerful message that we are not perfect and that we needn’t try to be.

9. They compete with themselves.

Confident people always set new challenges for themselves and work hard to accomplish them. They can do that because of their many life experiences and learning. Contrary, people who are insecure always compare themselves with others. People love to be around a confident person who doesn’t challenge others but inspires them with their enthusiasm and hard work to be more enthusiastic and risk-takers themselves.  

10. They find happiness within themselves.

Only insecure people need a constant praise and validation from others to feel good about themselves. And, if they don’t get the attention they need they feel even more insecure. Confident people, on the other hand, find their happiness and joy within them. They are perfectly happy on their own because they do only the things they love without caring about what others think of them.

11. They have a powerful message.

Being able to inspire someone with your story is a marvelous thing. People who are confident and loved by others almost all have a powerful message that they share with the world about what caused them to be the way they are today. So, don’t be ashamed to tell your story and inspire someone with it!