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11 Phrases Intelligent People Will Never Use In A Conversation


There are times where all of us say something terribly stupid and we immediately regret it the minute it comes out of our mouth.

You blurt out some nonsense and you’re doomed to go through the following shameful minutes regretting and blushing.

It’s clear it happened to everyone at some given moment, but you can be sure you’ll never hear it in a company of an intelligent person.

So, here are 11 phrases that you should avoid uttering at any cost if you want to strengthen your communication skills, as well as be taken seriously by your fellow co-workers.

1. ”That’s not fair”

News flash guys! Life isn’t fair. But what can WE do about it except accepting that depressing fact and making the best out of every situation?

Referring to some situation that “it’s not fair” is likely to be considered as childish and whiny. You’ll most definitely be interpreted as a wimpy person who won’t do anything to change the severity of the unfair situation in the fair place.

Instead of tossing blame for the unfairness of a given situation, intelligent people tend to take matters into their own hands, fix the problem, and prevent mistakes from happening again.

2. ”Whatever/ I couldn’t care less”

Uttering this sentence usually equals that you’re feeling the opposite. It’s strange how people who are indeed very cautious about life and care deeply are often the ones who feel the urge to justify themselves with “I don’t care.”

On another note, displaying that kind of attitude will make you look irresponsible and careless of your actions.

Intelligent people care, a lot. They know how to get in touch with their empathetic side and enjoy problem-solving through consistent communication.

3. ”It is what it is”

There are times when a certain outcome is definite, and the meaning of this statement comes to life. But for some people, that doesn’t particularly mean caving in, on the contrary, it signifies facing the obstacle head-on.

An intelligent person won’t give up easily and most certainly will never dare to say “I don’t know how to fix this.” People with higher IQ’s choose to face their problems with creative and innovative thinking.

4. ”It’s not my fault”

People often believe that one of the most suitable ways to get out of a mess “safe and sound” is by simply pretending it’s not their fault, put the blame on others, and escape the consequences. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Intelligent people take full responsibility for their own actions. Whenever a problem occurs that might involve them, intelligent people hold themselves accountable for the course of action and take an immediate effort to set things right.

5. ”You look _____”

No matter if you’re referring to someone’s physical condition or appearance, saying to a person they are heavy-weighted or tired, or that they don’t look their age is just ill-mannered and unpleasant.

Intelligent people will never allow their opinion to offend a person. Instead of letting a person down with your thoughtless comments, ask them how they are feeling, or if they need help with anything. They’ll respect you more.

6. ”I’m a smart person”

This statement reeks of insecurity and lack of self-confidence.

Basically, if you are an intelligent being, and you’re aware of your intellect as well as your abilities, you won’t need the validation from anybody. Simple as that.

7. ”I’ll try”

You’ll never hear an intelligent person blurt out “I’ll see what I can do”. It’s just something that is not a part of their nature.

The character of a brilliantly-intelligent person includes bending over backwards and giving their best effort in order to achieve the best outcome for a situation …or simply saying no.

8. No one else is doing it, neither will I”

If there’s a certain task that needs completing and every person in the room backs down on the challenge, you can rest assured that the smartest person in the room will always be there to rise up and accept the dare.

Additionally, their interest and broad-mindedness in a specific operation will contribute in the process of developing a new skill.

9. ”This might sound stupid, but…”

This statement might eventually bring your credibility to question. Even if there might be something unusually creative behind your words, it’s likely that will give you the opposite effect and will make people lose confidence in you.

It’s always best if you think before you speak. If you are not certain of the information you are sharing, you’ll leave others with the same confusion. At the risk of sounding interesting, you might accidentally drop your integrity.

10. ”I wasn’t asked to do that”

There’s no such thing as fear of a challenge to intelligent people.

People who are eager to create and grow mentally will get out of their comfort zones and will achieve even more than it’s expected of them.

11. ”I can’t”

I hate to break it to you, but a simple “I can’t” can be easily misinterpreted into “I won’t.” Nobody wants to hear “I can’t.” Suggesting that leaves people convinced that you won’t get the job done.

If this is really the case, it’s better to be honest about it and provide a quick solution to the case.