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11 Plants Native Americans Use To Cure EVERYTHING (From joint pain to cancer)


I’ve always wanted to learn more about Native Americans. Since the story of Pocahontas and the Grandmother Willow tree; since I saw their deep connection with nature.

Native Americans love nature. They breathe nature. Nature is their mother, spirit, their home. Plants have always been Native Americans’ greatest treasure. They know every tiny secret of each plant. They know more than we do.

What do Cherokee, a tribe living in Southeastern United States know about plants that we don’t? They discovered 11 plants that cure everything. Here they are.


This herb is well-known for fighting bacteria and viruses. It stops bleeding. It helps rheumatism, hemorrhoids, regulates menstrual period. A cup of tea can help a better digestion and improve the function of kidneys. It’s very useful for skin irritations too.

The mighty warrior Achilles used it to heal his wounds.


We consume it as a tea. A plant which contains Vitamin A, C. It’s also rich in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. If you have a digestive problem, a cup of mint tea will help you a lot. The Cherokee use it to lower high blood pressure.

If you have an itchy skin, feel free to add some mint to your bath.


This is a plant which does wonder with bronchitis. It really helps with the elimination of secretion from the lungs. A cup of tea from the root of a ginger helps a lot with upset stomach, colic and intestinal gas.

The Cherokee use it for ear infections. Its strong influence is also beneficial for snake bite wound.


A massive source of vitamin C. It prevents cold, flu. It manages diabetes and boosts the whole immune system. Joint pain is naturally treated by rose hip. This fruit of the wild roses treats arthritis pain, high blood pressure, candida.

The magic of it doesn’t stop here: it may help fight against breast cancer too.


Rich in vitamin A, C, B6, E, K, riboflavin, thiamine, zinc, calcium, magnesium, blackberries strengthen our immune system. They improve digestion and helps with coughing and sore throats.

A cup of blackberry tea is a great solution for diarrhea and joints.


A magical plant which stimulates proper kidney function. It has been used by the Cherokee to treat throat issues as well as cysts, inflammation, fibroid tumors. Some recent studies show that buck brush is also great for high blood pressure and lymphatic blockages.

Leave the leaves of this plant in heated water for 5 minutes and then drink the tea while it’s still warm. You will feel its benefits.


As one of the most famous survival plants, cattail is used as food and preventative medicine, very helpful in the recovery process. Its root is packed with starch, and the male plants have a lot of pollen. It helps with diarrhea. It can be prepared similarly like potatoes, mashed and boiled which helps with sores and burns.

As a great source of protein, cattail can be used in baking as well.


A very powerful herb which treats asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia. Its roots and flowers are commonly used. Besides for the respiratory tract, mullein is used for flu, inflammation, ear infections, hemorrhoids and as a relax/sleep aid.

A warm decoction can reduce swelling and joint pain. Soak your feet in.


A plant rich in vitamins and minerals. The Cherokee use it to treat urinary infections. It can be applied to burns, scalds, minor sores. A cup of Greenbriar root tea helps with arthritis too.

 You can make a jam of its berries. Delicious!


A herb very similar to spinach, known as a blood purifier and detoxifier of the liver. It has long roots; Therefore, it’s a source of many vitamins and minerals. Combined with alfalfa, dandelion root and burdock, yellow dock can treat mild cases of anemia.

Yellow dock’s crashed roots mixed with warm water make it a great antiseptic.

 11. SUMAC

The Cherokee use it in treating eye problems. A cup of tea made of the leaves and berries of this plant helps with diarrhea. According to a study from the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, sumac can lower cholesterol.

It contains a lot of vitamin C. Therefore, it reduces fever.

In the end: Follow Cherokee’ s unique gathering method: pick every third plant. You’ll let them continue growing this way; they’ll not disappear.

Also, please make sure you use them properly. Consult a licensed naturopath, people who are already experienced for a guidance.

Enjoy their magical benefits on your health.