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11 Reasons Why Empaths Are The Best Relationship Partners

Empaths Are The Best Relationship Partners

No relationship is all milk and honey. Relationships take work and real sacrifices from both partners in order to succeed.

Being in a relationship with an empath is not an easy task too. However, empaths have many traits that make them one of the best partners that anyone could ask for in a relationship.

Dr. Elaine Aaron studied empaths in the 90s and found that 15-20% of the population are empaths. She also discovered that the brain of the empaths is wired to sense the feelings, emotions, and even the feelings and thoughts of other people.

11 Reasons Why Empaths Are The Best Partners When It Comes To Romantic Relationships:

1. They Are Healers

Empaths have healing capacities that come naturally to them. They enjoy healing people because if others feel good, empaths would feel good too. An empath can not only sense other people’s pain, but they also experience it as if it’s their own and they will do everything to comprehend them and ease their pain. (1)

2. They Are Incredibly Loyal

Once an empath starts to trust you, there is not anything that they wouldn’t do for you. They are one of the most loyal people, and they give their heart and soul to their loved ones. When they sense that your love is genuine, they will stay true to you and will do anything to make you feel loved and fulfilled.

3. They Will Make You Happy

Empaths radiate happiness everywhere they go. They shine even more with joy when they are around people they love. Their positive vibe is infectious. When they are in a loving relationship, their happiness will be even higher and more compelling which in turn would make their partner happy. An empath can never be in a relationship with a negative person. (2)

4. They Love Unconditionally

Empaths are highly intuitive and highly sensitive people. They can experience deep and intense feelings, and because of that, they can love their partner just as deep and intense. They love in ways that they know their partner wants and needs to be loved. Most importantly, when they fall in love, they love unconditionally.

5. They Believe In Calmness Over Anger

Someone once said that the opposite of anger is not calmness, but empathy. Empathetic people are both. They are calm, and they rarely express their anger. When they are angry they still carefully choose their words because even then empaths don’t want to hurt you. Their loving and calm nature make them the best partners anyone could ask for.

6. They Are Optimists

Empaths’ optimism is essential to them. It serves them as a defense mechanism from all the emotions and negativity they sense from other people. If they were not optimists, they would break down. This is excellent for their partner because they would not have to worry about cheering up the empath daily. Plus, they can count on the empath’s optimism and positive energy to put a smile on their face whenever necessary.

7. They Will Make You A Better Person

Many would confuse empathy for weakness. This is far from the truth. Empathy is a divine force that can move mountains. Empaths are people who have strength and willingness inside of them to change the world and make it a better place. They will inspire their partner to be a better person just by being around them.

8. They Are Emotionally Open And Honest

Empaths wear their hearts on their sleeves. When they are in a romantic relationship, they are honest about their feelings. Although this puts them in a vulnerable position, they are confident that they can trust their partner and that the feelings are mutual. And because of the empath’s honesty, their partner will always know where the relationship is headed.

9. They Are Creative Problem-Solvers

Empathy is directly connected to the imagination and creativity. Being able to sense and feel everything so intensely is what makes a person more in tune with the world around them. This makes empaths able to approach every problem using their creativity and imagination which makes them look for solutions that no one would ever think of.

10. They Are Able To Closely Relate To Many Specific Aspects Of Your Personality

Empaths feel other people’s feelings as their own. This makes them able to connect to others on a deeper level, which in turn can lead the empaths to find some of their personality traits in their partners.

11. They Are More Related To Human Beings As They Are To Human Emotions

Empaths look at a person, and they see the person as he/she is. When they fall in love, they fall in love with the person with all their flaws and virtues. So, if their partner is experiencing negative emotions – the empath would still love them.