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11 Reasons Why Growing Up With A Sister Makes You A Better Man


It’s strange how growing up with a sister can make you an all-around better man. Even though you might not have had a brother to wrestle with, you can’t deny that your sister helped you to become the gentleman that you are today.

And while you have probably argued a lot while growing up – you can’t deny that your sister taught you that conflicts should not be about winning because the more important thing is understanding.  

And, because of her, you now better understand women. Here are 11 things that you learned while growing up with your sister.

1. You Comply With “LADIES FIRST”

Growing up with your sister you learned to be patient. You let her have the last piece of the chocolate or let her decide what movie should you watch. This gives you a better perspective on how to treat the ladies because you grew-up with ‘ladies first’ rule.

2. You Know When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

Living with your sister for most of your young years has made you able to understand the women’s language of grudges and battles fought in silence. So, now you know when to bite your tongue and shut up.

3. You Know How To Shop

You practiced shopping ever since you were waiting in front of a women’s boutique for your sister and your mom to finish shopping. And maybe it annoyed you when you had to go to the mall to keep your sister company, but this made it easier for you to adjust to your girlfriend’s shopping spree.

4. …And You Give Better Presents Too

Because of your sister’s eagerness to give something special to your parents, you have mastered the art of giving presents.

5. You Know How To Argue With Women

You understand now that you probably wouldn’t have the last word in the argument, and you learned to be okay with that. Because of your arguments with your sister, you realized that the best way to get out of an argument is to let her “be right” and go with it.

6. Plus, You Learned How To Apologize

Your growing up with your sister has taught you to value relationships more. You realize now that a simple apology goes a long way and it is a number one key to keeping your relationships healthy and progressive.

7. You Don’t Find Tampons Disgusting

… Never mind.

8. You Had To Sleep On The Sofa Long Before You Ever Got In Trouble

Whenever you were on vacations or in situations where there was only one bed available – you just knew that you would be getting the couch treatment because your sister always got the princess treatment. This prepared you for your future fights with your girlfriend/wife.

9. … And You Grasp The Importance Of The ‘First Shower’ Regarding Bathroom Priority

While you can go along with sleeping on the couch from time to time, your bathroom privilege is something that you won’t give up. Even more so, that ladies can take an hour to shower and get ready, while you would be finished in just 5 minutes or so.  

10. You Have Become An Expert At Staying Preoccupied During 2-Hour Chick Flicks

Because when your sister made you watch “The Notebook” five times in one month, you probably have learned around the second time to lose yourself in your own thoughts as an effective means of distraction.  

11. You Understand What It Means To Be Protective Of The People You Love

You were always your little sister’s protector. This taught you to be always respectful and protective of the ladies because you never allowed anybody to cross any lines with your sister either.