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11 Reasons Why Introverts Are Incredibly Attractive People


You may know him as the shy kid in your class that was easily subjected to bullies, the girl who prefers her coffee all by herself, or that cute boy at the school dance standing alone in the corner.

Introverts. Deriving from the Latin intro (on the inside) and vertere (to turn) defines those unique individuals who take their pleasure specifically in their own hands and energize by spending time by themselves.

They are often considered as shy, distant, indifferent and “stuck up” because they keep a low profile. Introverts don’t tend to center themselves as the life of the party, but it’s known for a fact that they are the most incredibly attractive and wonderful people you’ll ever meet.

Here’s why:


1. They Are Mysterious

Most of the crowd finds these people incredibly attractive because of their low-key attitude and their mysterious nature. These people have a mysterious aura about them and it is no wonder they’re perceived as captivating.

You can never know what’s going on inside their head, so you see them as a challenge. It is the magic of the undiscovered that sets us on fire and makes us wonder even more. However, the downside of this trait is leaving people intimidated by introverts which eventually is followed by labeling them as weird.

2. They Take Care Of Themselves

As a sign of their closeted nature, introverts learned to take care of their wellbeing. Don’t mistake them for selfish people because introverts actually enjoy taking their time to nurture their body and soul. It’s their way to recharge and rejuvenate.

They don’t want to draw any unwanted attention to themselves. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy being antisocial. Whenever they decide to blend in, it is with the crowd that would suit them the most.

3. They Are Loyal

With that being said, introverts actually care a lot about the people in their life. Because of their distinctive nature of figuring things alone, they’re very cautious with whom they choose to spend their time with.

No matter if it’s a romantic or a social relationship, an introvert is loyal to the grave and invests a whole lot of time and energy into it. Most introverts will not put any effort to maintain a wide network of people. Instead, they’ll choose a few people they re the most connected with and devote their heart to them.

4. They’re Natural Listeners

Everyone out there dreams of having that perfect soulmate who’ll be there for them whenever they need to talk. A person who’ll sometimes only listen and will listen as long as the other person needs it.

One of the introvert’s superpowers is their ability to listen. They listen more than they actually speak. They will stay by your side and listen to you in a special way to understand you, and not merely to reply. And those traits are among the rarest.

5. They Are Deep Thinkers

They tend to think a lot. Introverts usually get lost in their own “safe place” where they can spend some time alone with their thoughts. And I mean that in a positive manner. Alone time is their sacred wondering-off-to-Neverland time.

There is a hurricane of thoughts and emotions inside their minds that we might never know of. But, when an introvert has to say something, you can bet they carefully elaborated on the subject and formed an outstanding opinion supported by all the relevant arguments.

6. They Cherish Their “Alone Time”

Whether they’re off to the library to study alone at peace, sat in the local restaurant for a lovely after work lunch, introverts genuinely know how to treasure their own sacred time.

7. They Are Mindful Of What They Say

Nothing will make you look foolish or unattractive faster than uttering some inappropriate words because you didn’t take time to consider the meaning of your words.

Introverts, on the contrary, think before they speak. As a matter of fact, they would rather not say a word, than saying something they didn’t go through in their minds in the first place. But when an introvert speaks, be prepared to be left in awe. The more they speak the more fascinated you become.

 8. They Are Creative Geniuses

One of the many upsides of being an introvert is the ability to indulge in creative thinking. According to studies the most outstandingly creative people in many fields are often introverted.

One of the main key ingredients for their creative mind is solitude. Introverts cherish their freedom and “safe place” far away from interruption. In that state of solitude, introverts can easily get in touch with their inner voice and ask the right questions.

 9. They Are Smart

Introverts are naturally drawn to reading and studying. They enjoy getting out of their “comfort zone” and unravel new interesting facts all by themselves. You might say they are the ultimate bookworms. But intelligent is the new sexy, am I right?

10. They Are Day-Dreamers

You are already aware that our best Eureka moments are often ignited by our minds wandering off elsewhere. And day-dreaming is one of the best ways to get there. Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman explains that a mind that wonders a lot aids in the process of “creative incubation”.

Introverted people as we know them, tend to get lost in their own world inside their mind. And that’s where the most refreshing and ingenious ideas come from.

11. They Are Hyper Observant

The world is an introverts Utopia of endless possibilities. An introvert mind doesn’t seem to rest and see things that people usually fail to perceive. In their serene peace of mind, they’re constantly taking information and use it for creative expression.