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11 Reasons Why Your High School Friends Are Your Best Friends For Life

High School Friends Are Your Best Friends For Life

People often say that the friendships you make in high school are for life. And we can all agree that high school, along with your high school friends, is most certainly a memorable time for anyone.

It is a time when you had fun, had your (first) crushes, shared secrets, were there for one another, and loved each other unconditionally those were your best friends. However, not everyone stays close to their best friends from high school after graduation. Sometimes, your life paths separate you no matter how much you want to stay close.

Do you stay close to your high school friends? Or do friendships end in high school?

We all like to believe that high school friends are forever. No one wants to separate from their best friends with whom they shared so many laughs and cries, went to amazing parties, studied together, have one another’s back, and so on. But life happens. And it brings changes. Some will go to college, some to trade school, some to the military, etc. Everyone’s life is supposed to change. That’s why even the strongest friendships sometimes cannot stand the time.

You will become busy, your high school friends will become busy, and suddenly, you won’t have time to see each other as much as you had. Of course, there are bonds that are unbreakable, and this change cannot shake them.

However, knowing and being okay with having some people leave your life is okay. The most important thing is to remember them always and be grateful for the impact they had on your life. Because it’s true – high school friends are true gems!

They are literally close to one another. They live in the same neighborhood. So, it is easier for them to keep their bond strong when they are living so close to one another and they can see each other often.

Or their friendship is low maintenance. Meaning they don’t need to constantly see each other or communicate with each other every day to feel connected. They can go on for days without speaking and then see each other and feel as if nothing happened. They can resume their friendship and communicate as no time has passed by.

Finally, they have the same interests and hobbies that they probably started together in high school, and they still enjoy doing together.

Why do most friendships end after high school?

The main reasons why many high school friends lose touch after high school are: First, for them, being connected constantly and seeing each other on a regular basis is very important.

And second, things between them and around them have changed. Meaning their lives change, their routines are now different, they have changed, their personalities have changed, and so, they feel as if they don’t have anything in common anymore. Change is part of life, and so we all need to embrace it and let go of people that no longer belong to the next phase of where are we headed.

Do friends change after high school?

High School Friends Best FriendsYes. People change as life goes on. So do high school friends. But, whether you stay friends after the changes that you will both inevitably go through, here are some things that you should always remember:

Accept the fact that both you and your friends are always changing and growing. That’s life. Your high school friends won’t stay the same and neither will you. And that is really a beautiful thing.

You can use the help of social media to stay close. Today, many high school friends have reconnected through Facebook and Instagram. Social media allows us to keep in touch and be involved in each other’s lives in times when we don’t have much time to see each other regularly.

Some of your high school friends were toxic. Yes, no friendship is drama-free, and even best friends have some conflicts. However, as it happens in any friend group, there can be some bullies and toxic individuals that everyone fears. And so, as high school ends, so end those toxic friendships.  

You can have a fresh start. Graduation is something you will remember your whole life. The end of high school is the beginning of the new life that is ahead of you. And that life is full of possibilities.

So, the question remains: Do high school best friends last?

Below are 11 reasons why your high school friend will be your best friend for life!

1. You know everything about them.

Including their crushes, their exes, all of it. You know all their secrets. That’s what makes your bond unbreakable and long-lasting.

2. You have survived high school together.

Meaning you have survived your most awkward period together. Hormones. Mood swings. You have gone through it together. Hand in hand. And that counts for something.

3. Their parents treat you like you are family.

They love you and you love them as well. You feel at home at their house. In fact, you love their company and their jokes. Plus, there was always something delicious cooking in the oven there! And it really felt like home.

4. They have seen you at your worst.

They have seen you cry. They were there when you were sick. They have seen you after waking up… They have seen all of you – good and bad.

5. You know all their embarrassing stories (and they know yours).

But you won’t tell anyone. And most importantly, you were in those stories with them as well because you were inseparable in high school.

6. They are your personal therapist.

No one can understand you (and your mood swings) better than your high school friend. They are always there for you to listen to your drama and console you when you are going through a bad time. Plus, they give you chocolate and they will eat fast food with you because they know what is necessary during those moments of distress.

7. You can be yourself with them.

You feel free to tell them everything without being afraid that they will take it the wrong way. Because they know you, they know the real you, and they love you. And you love them.

8. You have had your fair share of drama and fighting.

Even though sometimes you have spent months without talking after a big fight, you always found your way to each other. And every time you patch up things, your friendship becomes even stronger.

9. You have the best drunk memories together.

Some of the best nights of your life you spend with them. Nights that were filled with laughs and alcohol. You were the best drinking buddies and perhaps still are! Cheers!

10. They will never get tired of listening to your stories again and again.

There are some things that you keep repeating over and over again because of how attached you are to them. Only your best friends will listen to the same story a thousand times and never say anything to you.

11. You can always count on them.

No matter what kind of problem you have on your hands and how serious it is, you can always count on your high school friend to help you. That’s true friendship.

Are you still friends with your best friend from high school?

11 Reasons Why Your High School Friends Are Your Best Friends For Life