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11 Scientific Facts That Make Redheads Special


Redheads are so popular nowadays. Not only are we admiring popular female redheads, but we have started to see male redheads as style icons.

Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry are some. Among the female celebrities that have this hair color there are Nicole Kidman, Lindsey Lohan, Emma Stone and I recall that even Rihanna dyed her hair hot red once.

Apparently, ginger is really hot right now, especially compared to the past. And we are happy for that because there are so many cool facts about redheads that make us adore these people even more.

1. Gingers are really rare. How rare? It is believed that only around 2% of the population has natural red hair. Statistics show that there two countries much higher percent of redheads. Can you guess which two? Of course, it’s Scotland and Ireland.

2. Except being super rare, they are special in another way. Namely, it is thought that they have more sexual action, a German researcher claims. He conducted a research on thousands of women and discovered that redheads had more sexual partners than all the rest. I told you they’re hot, didn’t I?

3. Redheads’ skin absorbs more Vitamin D. Being more pale naturally, they are prone to absorbing more of this vitamin from the sun. Vitamin D is good for the bones and for the immune system, but one should be careful not to stay too long exposed to the sun.

4. Many redheads are also left-handed because both of the genes are recessive, i.e. in order to get a trait expressed by a recessive gene, both of the parents must have it.

5. Apart from skin cancer, gingers also have higher risk of getting Parkinson’s disease. Researchers studied more than 130,000 people in a period of 16 years and discovered that redheads have twice the chances to have this disorder than people with natural black hair.

6. Natural red hair is linked to skin cancer. Namely, these people have higher risk of this type of cancer, or twice as much as the others, International Journal of Cancer reports.

7. Believe it or not, one of the awesome reasons why it’s better to be a redhead is the fact that they can withstand more pain than the rest of the population. Scientists discovered that they have a 25% higher threshold to pain and this trait is linked to a gene mutation.

8. When it comes to pain, doctors also have problems with them when they need to use anesthesia. It’s something connected to the same gene mutation that makes them withstand more pain. It’s good to know this before going to labor because you might need more anesthesia than the normal doze.

9. Many redheads are anxious to go to the dentist, which is weird since we just saw that they withstand more pain. However, their resistance to anesthesia maybe has something to do with this. Statistics show that they’re more likely to skip visits to the dentist. 

10. It seems that having red hair makes you special in many ways when it comes to health. Thus, ginger women are more likely to get endometriosis or to be protected from it. Namely, fertile redheads have higher chances to get it, but the chances are lower for infertile redheads. This condition can cause cramping and heavy bleeding.

11. Maybe the most awesome fact about redheads is that they don’t go grey. Instead, they will first go blonde and then white, but never grey because their pigment just fades away.