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11 Signs You Are Dating A Woman, Not A Girl


When we say there is a difference between girls and women we are not talking about the age difference. For all we know, there are ‘women’ that are actually younger than ‘girls’. The real difference between women and girls is in the way they think, act, and the way they live their lives.

The fact is, women and girls understand and experience the world differently. You can find girls easily, but it is rather a challenge to find a mature woman nowadays because they are a rarity.  

So, guys, be careful when you choose your partner. If you want a woman by your side, pay attention to these 11 giveaways below.

1. Girls Dress Provocatively Because They Think That’s Sexy – Women Know That Real Sexiness Comes From Within

Girls dress revealing because they want attention and they think that the more skin they show, the sexier they will be. Women, on the other hand, never dress provocatively nor try to appear sexy. They are sexy because they know how to carry themselves confidently, and with elegance.

2. Girls Go Out And Get Hammered – Women Know Their Limits

Only girls can be seen hounding tables at clubs and chugging down free alcohol to get wasted. You will never see a respectful woman doing that. This is not to say that women don’t drink alcohol – they do, but they know when to stop. They don’t want to lose their control, as opposed to girls who drink to get drunk and end up making poor decisions.

3. Girls Watch Rubbish TV – Women Read Books

It is not that women don’t watch TV. They have also their favorite TV shows. The difference between women and girls is that women can distinguish between good and bad TV. Moreover, women also spend quality time in reading books with a substance which is not a case for girls.

4. Girls Expect Men To Pay The Bill – Women Are Financially Independent

Girls expect men to take care of them and spoil them. They don’t like to whip out their wallets and pay the tab. On the other hand, women are confident to let the man pay from time to time, but they also pay the bill themselves. Women want men to know that they don’t need their money, but their love and respect.

5. Girls Order Salads – Women Eat Whatever They Want

It is not that women don’t eat salads. But they won’t order a salad just so that men will think they take care of what they eat. Girls eat healthily because they want everyone to see that they eat healthily. Women eat healthily because they want to be healthy and because they respect their bodies. Plus, women are not ashamed to order whatever they want. A burger and fries anyone?

6. Girls Expect Men To Read Their Minds – Women Are Vocal

Girls expect men to read their minds. They believe that men should sense when something bothers them. Girls look for a man that will “understand” them so well that he would be able to know how they are feeling or what’s on their minds. Women, on the other hand, know that this is impossible. So, they speak their mind and talk openly.

7. Girls Can’t Wait To Post On Facebook About Their Relationship – Women Don’t Spend Time On Social Media

Girls can’t wait to post a picture on Facebook with their boyfriends and to change their relationship status. Women don’t bother with these things. They are so busy living their real lives that they even forget they have a Facebook.

8. Girls Stick To What They Know – Women Are Always Looking To Broaden Their Horizons

Women are driven and passionate. They are always looking for new life experiences because they understand how important it is to explore possibilities, meet new people, and see the best places in the world. Contrary to them, girls don’t look for ways how they can improve themselves, they want someone else to come along and give them purpose.

9. Girls Talk About Trivialities – Women Know How To Hold A Proper And Stimulating Conversation

Women are fascinating because they keep themselves updated on all global affairs. Girls, on the other hand, don’t bother with intellectual topics. They are prone to gossip and don’t have any interesting and intellectual hobbies. Moreover, they don’t really have opinions on their own. Contrary, women are intelligent and can hold a stimulating conversation for hours.

10. Girls Need Someone To ‘Save’ Them – Women Are Their Own Warriors

Women don’t need anyone to save them. They are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Girls are capable too, but they choose to take the victim roles and find someone who would do anything for them.

11. Girls Will Try To Hold You Back From Succeeding – Women Will Encourage You To Follow Your Dreams

Girls are insecure and jealous when it comes to your career, so they will try to discourage you to pursue things that will give you great success. A woman will try everything that’s in her power to support and encourage you to focus on your goals, even if this means you will spend less time together. She understands that sometimes work is more important.