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11 Signs That You Were Destined To Be A Shaman And Don’t Know It


Shamanism is a practice which combines various techniques that help the person to enter the spirit realm and gain the wisdom to heal humanity and the wounded world.

Their primary connection is that with Earth and the Universe and they achieve the connection using drums, chanting, herbs, hallucinogenic stimuli, and everything that Nature has to offer.

The word shaman is present in many languages, and they all use it for the same purpose, a person who is spiritual and who possesses spiritual knowledge.

It can be found in Chinese as “shāmén” (meaning Buddhist monk); in Tocharian B as “ṣamāne,” meaning “monk”; in Sanskrit as श्रमण (śramaṇa), meaning “ascetic, monk, devotee,” as well as in many other world languages. (source)

Shamans were attributed to the abilities to read thought, extrasensory perception, fire walking, interaction with spirits, astral projections, and the ability to heal plants and animals. The list here can go on, as the shaman’s primary concern is that of the wellbeing of our planet and everyone who lives on it.

Becoming a shaman is a three-step process which starts with a spiritual calling. Back in the past, shamans would recognize this calling and would proceed with training and initiation. However, nowadays, even though many of us are born as shamans, we do not proceed with the following steps of becoming initiated shamans.

If you notice these 11 signs, then you have received the shamanic calling, and you are a natural-born shaman.

  1. A strong connection with nature

Everything is connected in the web of the Spirit. And a natural-born shaman will easily notice this connection, especially in nature. This allows the shaman to understand life on a much deeper level than anyone else. If you have this sense, you not only love all living creatures and the things that make up the natural world, but you also know how to nurture Nature as much as it nurtures you.

  1. Preference to being alone

Being extremely sensitive, the shaman lives a solitary life or prefers one. The sensitivity of the shaman makes the world sometimes seem overwhelming, as shamans can sense all the wrongs of society on a level which many fail to perceive. Sensing how far society has drifted away from Nature, and being in such a strong connection with Nature, the shaman can function as a bridge between the two.

  1. Near-death, out-of-body, or mystical experiences

Experiencing any of these is a sign of touching the hidden spiritual realm, which, in turn, make the shaman realize the difference between the programmed knowledge and the spiritual wisdom. In these experiences, the shaman passes through the veil which separates life, death, and rebirth, to return awakened and more conscious of the reality they are experiencing.

  1. Radiating energy from the palms of the hands

The shamans are known for their power to control and manipulate energy. And to do so, they first need to be aware of their energy. Sensing a warm, radiating energy from their palms is a sign of their healing power. If practiced enough, you can become an energy healer.

  1. Vision that pierces through one’s being

The shamans are also known for their power to read other people’s souls. They can see their physical, emotional, and spiritual burdens, by looking into the eyes of the other person. If this gift is further developed, the shaman can start experiencing clairvoyant, clairaudient, and other extrasensory experiences that can point to different clues and symptoms about anyone.

  1. Having healers or medical herbalists in your ancestry

Some cultures hold the belief that shamanism is hereditary – a gift which is handed down from generation to generation. Although this may seem unclear in the time where we live, if you have healing abilities, there must be (or must have been) someone in your family who had that ability as well because such abilities are coded in the DNA of the shaman.

  1. Vivid, lucid, or prophetic dreams

Dreams that go out of the ordinary swim through the subconscious are something that a shaman experiences frequently. They may become more aware of their dreams and can even choose to travel through the dream consciously. The dream world for shamans is often a gateway to the spirit world. Here, the shamans may even receive prophetic messages.

  1. A visit from a spirit animal

Shamans are deeply connected to nature and the spirit world. We all have our spirit animal we are not aware of (spirit animal quizzes may help you to find yours), but the shamans may encounter their spirit animal in a vision or a dream, and they will recognize it. The spirit animals can help the shaman in their spiritual journey, in the healing they do, or can even reveal visions of the things to come.

  1. Powerful spiritual vision

Seeing energies in places, being able to notice other people’s auras, the energetic communication between two beings, seeing colors that cannot be seen by the naked eye… The list can go on indefinitely, and these are all indicators of a powerful spiritual vision. The natural-born shaman will notice these differences in vision and may seem even crazy to those who cannot perceive the same things.

  1. Born with physical abnormalities

In some cultures, people with physical abnormalities were considered to have a special connection to the spirit world. Extra fingers, webbed fingers, a caul, or thin membrane covering the head, all these may indicate that you have a shamanic gift.

  1. An urge to help, heal, or ease other people’s pain and suffering

Shamanism is the practice of creating balance and harmony between the physical and spiritual world. Any imbalance leads to pain, suffering, and illnesses. When a shaman senses this imbalance, they are drawn to it, and they cannot help but return it to its intended balance. This urge to harmonize is what makes the shaman a healer.


Shamans are incredible, mystic, and often misunderstood. However, looking at an initiated shaman, you will see the balance that they are creating by stepping into the imbalance. If you have received your calling, follow your intuition, and you will soon discover your true purpose.

And as all spiritual texts say, it is not a coincidence that you have read this at this particular moment. Every message comes when you are ready to receive it. Use your knowledge wisely and share it with the rest!


Source: Gostica