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11 Signs That You Are a Genius Without Knowing It


You do not need to spend so much money on monitored IQ tests to find out if you are a genius. Take a look at these 11 signs that prove you are extraordinarily intelligent.

Sometimes, there is a thin line between being lazy and being a genius and often at the edge of idleness people discover what they would need the most at the moment – thus, a new creation might be born. Just think about the first electronic digital computer – if Professor Atanasoff was not too lazy to do calculations he wouldn’t have invented the ABC computer. It makes you think that laziness really is the father of innovation.

Lazy people tend to be more creative, and this idea seems to be supported by Bill Gates who is believed to have said that he would give a difficult task to a lazy person because “a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

We are not encouraging your procrastination, nor preparing you for a job at Microsoft, but would like to make you aware that there might be a little genius hidden inside you if you recognize these signs.

  1. You are a daydreamer.

As mentioned before, laziness and procrastination can rather be observed in a positive way if complemented by the right mental activity. You are indeed active – daydreaming. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of fantasy, right?

  1. You are a night owl.

You tend to be the most productive when people are going to sleep. Even though for others night is the period of relaxation after their energy has been drained throughout the day, for you is the opposite. You actually don’t want to make compromise with the socially acceptable norms and follow your own agenda.

  1. You are an avid reader.

Reading is your passion as it takes you to another world without you even moving across the room. Probably you spent your childhood days waiting for bedtime stories, and imagining how it would look like to be a part of the plot yourself.

  1. You are curious.

You are fascinated by new ideas and discoveries, and your natural sense of questioning everything around you is triggered at all times. You will never get bored since every day brings something new for you to learn.

  1. You are funny.

Probably you have a good sense of humor, or sarcasm as others tend to call it. Friends like to spend time with you because you know how to make them laugh. However, don’t exaggerate; someone might not get your jokes get easily offended.

  1. You are left-handed.

Now, don’t despair if you are right-handed, but lefties seemed to have benefited from all those years struggling to write with their right hands when being called by the teachers. You had a fair share of laughter when seeing your crazy handwriting, but thanks to that you are now better in divergent thinking.

  1. You are good at making decisions.

Due to your ability to contemplate and analyze different points and aspects of a certain situation, you have become really good at making the right decisions. And that comes in handy, particularly in a working environment where you have to deal with a lot of stressful events.

  1. You are calm.

You are the one to stay calm and collected under pressure. There is no point in worrying or making some reckless move. You cool down, take a deep breath and make a calculated choice. Why all the rush?

  1. You are melodic.

Were you taking any instrument classes or maybe singing in a children’s choir? Then, there is a possibility that there is a genius inside you. Musical individuals are trained to keep focus and therefore, more likely to be highly intelligent.

  1. You are not bothered by mess.

You believe in such thing as a creative mess. Probably you were always grounded for not cleaning your room, but at least you knew where all your stuffs are – exactly where you left them. Mess for you does not represent disorder, but rather a challenge to do things in a slightly alternative way.

  1. You like to take frequent breaks.

You cannot possibly function well without taking a few breaks during the day. Rest is not to be underrated in your case, as it recharges your brain and it gives you more energy to get back to your long list of intellectual activities.

Even though many of these activities tend to be regarded as traits of a lazy person, think about it twice – studies show that they are actually signs of brilliance.

Did any of them seem familiar? Share with us.

Source: www.forbes.com