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11 Signs That Show You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman


Throughout your life, you’ll meet and date many different kinds of women. Some of them indifferent, few of them clingy. Some of them humble, while some will enjoy being the center of attention.

But once in a blue moon, you’ll meet a lady who’ll leave you speechless and will turn your world upside down. She’s the one that stands out from the usual crowd and will make you wonder why there aren’t more beings like her in this world.

If you were lucky enough to cross your path with a high-quality woman, you’ve surely noticed these traits of her:

1. She encourages you to make important steps in your life. She supports your craziest ideas and most desired goals. You feel like you can tell her every plan or idea that popped into your head, and you know she’ll instantly have your back. She believes in your potential and will never try to control you, but rather she’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

2. A high-quality woman nurtures a life apart from your relationship that doesn’t always involves you. She cultivates her friendships and career and doesn’t need a partner’s involvement in everything she does. She’s a strong, independent, I-can-do-it lady!

3. Jealousy is a definite No-No to her. She will never do anything that will make you feel jealous and you can rest assured she’ll never allow you to project your jealousy on her as well. She knows her worth, knows exactly what she wants from life and will never play childish games with you.

4. She’s not a victim of the princess complex. The thing she demands is treating her suitable with the utmost respect. Just as you would respect your family, she’ll expect for her the same treatment, no more, no less. A high-quality woman will never be with a person who is disrespectful towards her and her feelings.

5. She’s very comfortable in her own skin and isn’t afraid to show it. When a woman is self-conscious about her appearance despite all of her little cute flaws, she shines with positivity and self-confidence. She’s aware of them and chooses to embrace them rather than feeling ashamed or uncomfortable.  After all, flaws aren’t an imperfection, flaws are actually the best part of a person!

6. A high-quality lady will never shy away from sex. When it comes down to getting funky in the bedroom, she’s a passionate lover and extremely open about her sexuality. There’s no such thing as “ew” in the bed. She’s free from her inhibitions and she doesn’t feel uncomfortable sharing with you everything she likes and the things she truly dislikes.

7. She’s a pure-hearted girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. She’s mature enough to know that every person has their own belief system and their own aspects of life. So, you need to keep in mind that no matter how much she loves you, she won’t agree with everything you say. She’ll stay true to her words and opinions even if the sky is “falling” down.

8. She’s 100% sure of her purpose in life. She grows a healthy personality and goes after her passions in life. A high-quality woman has set goals so high, that not everyone would understand. She strives to achieve them and is always open to new thrilling experiences. And no matter who she is with, she’ll never change her values or dreams to tailor fit that person.

9. She’s quite the people’s person. A high-quality lady has “over the top” communication skills and has no problem maintaining a fun, open conversation with anyone. She radiates confidence and that’s why she’s a friendly and extremely lovable person to have around. You have no doubts that your family and friends will absolutely adore her because she’s extremely charismatic and mesmerizing being.

10. She knows how to take care of herself. No, she’s not perfect, but she’s constantly improving herself. A high-quality woman won’t allow you to “daddy” her and pressure her with anything.  On the contrary, she’ll expect from you nothing less than mutual understanding and unconditional support.

11. You will feel blessed to finally meet this woman because you know she would never be with someone for whom she has no feelings. You know that she’s not afraid to be alone because she’s too much already. So, you are fully aware that she chose you because you mean a lot to her.

There are few of these fairy beings left in this world. Embrace her individuality and help each other grow even higher, together.

Most importantly, cherish this woman and never ever take her for granted.

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