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11 Warning Signs From The Universe You’re On The Wrong Path

Signs From The Universe You’re On The Wrong Path

We all come with a purpose, a calling that we all strive to fulfill. It is the thing we are meant to do in this crazy world to leave it better than we found it, and it is our truest passion and ambition – our life purpose. But watch for the warning sign from the universe if you are on the wrong path.

However, our free will allows us to choose our own paths to fulfill this purpose, and through them, we tend to learn different things. Life is a labyrinth, and the end of it is the fulfillment of our life’s purpose.

So, we often walk blindly through the maze and we often tend to find ourselves in a dead-end that leads nowhere. Our tendency to create comfort zones makes us want to stay there and create our own kingdom out of it, but the Universe steps in to help.

And here’s where it sends us warning signs that tell us: you’ve ended up in a dead-end, you’re not walking toward your purpose, you’ve made a wrong decision.

And these warning signs are not pleasant because they are meant to shake us down from the wrong tree and make us start exploring the mazy forest of our lives again, so as to find the right path.

And what do these reality checks look like?

Here are 11 warning signs from the universe you may be on the wrong path:

1. Constant feelings of uneasiness

Once you start walking toward a dead end, you may start feeling uneasy and stressed for no apparent reason. This feeling intensifies when you make bolder decisions that steer you directly off the path you need to take.

We often tend to ignore our intuition in favor of our convictions, and this can lead us astray. Start trusting your gut feeling more, and it’s always alright to change your mind about something.

2. Unexpected losses

Just when you think that things are going your way, you suddenly experience an unexpected loss. These losses may be major, and the consequence may feel tremendous to you. It’s because you weren’t supposed to go there. Make a step back and see what brought you to that loss.

3. Unexpected expenses that tip you off balance

When you think you’ve started growing, a sudden expense that tips everything off balance is a sign from the universe that you might be growing in the wrong direction. Do everything to make amends for this kind of loss and see what step brought you to this. We usually end up in these situations because we get carried away before taking everything into consideration.

4. Sudden quarrels with your loved ones

The people you love are there to help you steer toward the right path. If they start being hostile toward you for no good reason, it might be that the Universe is trying to talk you out of some kind of decision through them.

5. Unexpected illnesses

It may feel unprecedented – everything is alright, and you suddenly feel ill. It’s definitely a fall that may affect your way of functioning, but it’s one that is trying to prevent you from doing whatever you have started doing.

6. Frequent headaches

Frequent headaches that have no obvious background are another sign that you may be on the wrong path. They will happen when you try to relax, and they will make you feel awful.

7. A strong desire for change

In many cases, you may even feel that you need to change something, but be unaware of what exactly you need. This feeling can permeate throughout the whole time until you finally realize that you’ve been doing things wrong.

8. Events turn for the worse

Being on the right path means that things will go smoothly, and will seem easier with every step. However, once you step the wrong way, everything will start to deteriorate and become more difficult by the day. Challenges make us grow, but these negative experiences are there to prevent you from going down the wrong path.

9. More enemies than friends

The place you wish to go to will be hostile toward you, and the people that are meant to go there will also be hostile. You will become surrounded by enemies and you’ll start losing touch with your real friends. It’s because you don’t belong there, and they can sense it.

10. A feeling of debilitating isolation – clear sign from the universe!

Even when the people you need are around you, you may start feeling as isolated as one can be. This is a clear sign that you have drifted away from the energetic stream that is meant for you. You should go back and reconsider your choices.

11. Depression

Falling into depression is the final fall that will try to return you to where you were supposed to be, and the only way to get out of the depression is to start questioning your existence, as depression makes you do this.

When a tree grows a branch that cannot get enough light, the branch eventually starts getting weaker and it dies.

We don’t always choose our path but are rather led into believing that we are doing the right thing.

That’s why the Universe will do everything to make you feel small down the path you shouldn’t be walking. Don’t take this negatively, as the only thing that matters is you returning to your true calling.

There are some things that aren’t meant for us because we were destined for other, greater things. Listen to your intuition and learn from your mistakes. Your true calling has a magnetism that you will always be able to recognize if you pay attention.

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