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11 Signs You’ve Found The Woman You Should Marry


You’ve fallen madly in love with a woman and now you want to take it to the next level, but you aren’t sure if she is the one. Well, that can be tricky.

Choosing the woman you’re going to spend your life with is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make. That’s why you need to give it a careful consideration. While each guy will be attracted to a different kind of a woman, those who are real keepers have traits that make them different from the rest.

So, if your woman possesses the following 11 characteristics, be sure that she’s the one you should marry.

Here they are:

1. She loves you.

This woman loves you as much as you love her. There’s no place for anyone else in her heart, but you. She’s committed her mind, body, and soul to you. She loves you for who you are, with all your virtues, quirks, and flaws. She loves every single detail about you and the things that matter to you are important to her too. In you, she’s found her missing half and you know that every time you look into her eyes.

2. She is empathetic.

She shows understanding, compassion, and support towards her loved ones and those surrounding her, and you aren’t an exception.  When you’re down in the dumps or going through rough times, she’s always there to support and encourage you to move on. Trust me, you don’t want to let this woman slip through your fingers.

3. She is intellectually challenging.

Imagine living with someone who has a shallow understanding of the world and doesn’t do anything to broaden her knowledge. Well, your woman is nothing like this. She’s smart and insightful. She challenges your opinions and broadens your thinking and view of the world. Your conversations are always interesting, meaningful, and stimulating. She inspires you to learn and explore new things.

4. She inspires you to become a better version of yourself.

It’s not that she doesn’t love or accept you for who you are, but she knows how smart and capable you are. She tries to help you break the bad habits which prevent you from growing personally and professionally. She believes in you and encourages you to reach your greatest potential and fulfill all your goals and dreams. Her personality motivates you to become a better version of yourself for her and for yourself.

5. She wants to better herself too.

No one is perfect and she knows that. She is aware of her faults, insecurities, fears, and failures. Yet, she doesn’t let them break her confidence. She knows you love her just the way she is, but she tries to give up her bad habits so as to feel better about herself and make you proud of her as well.

6. She works hard to reach her goals with you beside her.

Just like you, she has goals and dreams to pursue. She doesn’t hesitate to accept the challenges that appear on her road towards her professional success. And she sees you as her biggest fan and support. She knows that you’re her intellectual equal and that you’ll help her get to the place she wants to be in her life. You’re the best team and you can conquer the world together.

7. She is honest.

She knows how important honesty is in a relationship. That’s why she never lies to you or put herself into a position in which she would have to. Moreover, she always tells you the truth, no matter how harsh and painful it is. She knows that trust can be only earned and never forced. As a result, she never does anything that can break your trust in her.

8. She enjoys talking with you.

She likes sharing her ideas and opinions with you. Sometimes you agree about things and sometimes you don’t, but either way, you enjoy your conversations and have a lot of fun. When she’s going through problems and difficult times, she doesn’t hide this but openly and freely talks to you about it.

9. She doesn’t allow her emotions to affect her judgment.

She has bad days too. She can be disappointed or angry about something, but she doesn’t let her emotional state interfere with her relation with you and her decisions about you and the relationship. She never allows her mood to affect her behavior towards you.

10. She doesn’t fly off the handle when she is jealous.

Someone who is deeply in love will occasionally feel pangs of jealousy. Yet, obsessive and irrational jealousy can be overwhelming and unbearable. Well, you’re lucky-you’ll never have to endure this. Your woman knows how important it is for both partners to have personal space and their own time. She understands that you have friends and family you want to hang out and spend time with and never gets mad when you do that.

11. She puts in effort into the relationship.

She knows that the give and take part is a mutual responsibility. The things she does to make your relationship work don’t have to be huge. They can be as simple as making your favorite lunch or cake or asking you how your day went.

She cares about your feelings, needs, and wishes and she doesn’t let the excitement and passion both of you felt at the beginning of your relationship go away. She wants to make you feel content and emotionally complete because when you’re happy, she’s happy too. Both of you try with all your heart to make your relationship the best it can be.