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11 Simple Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Strong


Healthy, happy, and successful relationships do not happen by chance. It takes two honest, caring individuals that are committed to being the most loving and supportive partners they can be.

It takes two people that are willing to make compromises and sacrifice for each other’s happiness.

It takes two people that are willing to invest huge amounts of time and energy in keeping their relationship strong, harmonious, and exciting.

So, the question is: How can you achieve this?

Here are 11 simple ways to keep your relationship healthy and strong:

1. Find common interests.

Of course, if you’re a big fan of reality shows, it doesn’t mean that your partner has to love them as well. You, too, obviously don’t need to watch your bae’s favorite sports team on TV every time they have a match just because, as I said, it’s his/her favorite team.

Keeping your own hobbies when you are in a relationship is essential since you want to stay true to yourself. But, it’s also important for you and your significant other to have a few activities that you two look forward to doing together.

Perhaps walking in nature, watching movies, or cooking dinner together. By cultivating common interests, you and your partner will feel more connected to each other and keep the spark between you always alive.

 2. Focus more on the things you like about your partner rather than the things you don’t.

If you always focus on finding flaws in your significant other or on finding mistakes in their behavior, then know that you’ll always find something that will bother you.

If you focus on the things your significant other does for you and the relationship, know that you’ll find a lot of good things there too. It all depends on what you focus on in your partner. Happy, successful couples always focus on the positive things.

3. Forgive each other.

All couples have misunderstandings and arguments – that’s a fact. But, instead of criticizing or holding a grudge against each other, couples that are in healthy and happy relationships do everything in their power to resolve their problems and arguments and forgive each other.

4. Hug each other every day.

Your skin is sensitive to touch and can remember different types of it. It can distinguish between “good touch” (when you feel loved), “bad touch” (when you’re with an abusive partner), and “no touch” (when you feel neglected).

So, couples that hug each other every day feel more cherished and appreciated in their relationship and they increase closeness in their relationship as well.

5. Say “Have a good day” and “Goodnight” every day, even when you’re upset with your partner.

This tells your bae, regardless of how angry you’re with them, that you still care about them and that you still want to be with them. It tells them that what you two have is bigger and more important than any silly or big argument.  

6. Be proud to be seen with your bae.

Holding hands with or putting your arm around your partner in public shows those around you that you want them to know you belong with each other.

7. Walk with your significant other side by side or hand in hand.

Instead of you pointlessly dragging behind your partner or the other way around, try to keep pace and walk side by side or hand in hand. Walking in step and/or holding hands with your bae will make you feel more connected to each other.

8. Ask your partner how they spent their day.

Asking your significant other how they spent their day will show them that everything that happens to them matters to you. It’ll show them that their feelings and problems, too, have meaning for you.

9. Go to bed at the same time.

Do you remember how you and your partner couldn’t wait to go to bed together to cuddle and make love at the beginning of your relationship?

Well, couples that are in truly happy and deep relationships still go to bed at the same time. And when they lie next to each other, it still makes their hearts beat like crazy, and if they’re not tired, they feel sexually excited too.

10. Laugh together – a lot.

Share funny jokes and interesting anecdotes with each other. Because when you and your partner often laugh together, you help keep the joy and spirit of your relationship always alive.

11. Last but not least, say “I love you” every day.

This is the simplest way you can show your significant other that you love and care about them.