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11 Stages A Narcissist And An Empath Go Through In A Relationship


People say that ‘opposites attract’, but what happens when an empath is in a relationship with their opposite – a narcissist? The results can be deadly for one person. Can you guess who?

Here are the 11 stages of the relationship between an empath and a narcissist.

1. An empath falls in love with a narcissist. They start a relationship. The empath starts putting their heart and soul into the relationship to make it work.

2. The empath soon gets blinded by the feigned love and “special bond” they share. The narcissist is master at creating the illusion of a strong connection and commitment so that the empath would fall deeper and deeper into this make-believe relationship.

3. As time passes, the empath depends more and more on the narcissist. The empath starts feeling insecure and incomplete when they are on their own because the narcissist has made them feel like they can’t go through life alone. The narcissist emotionally abuses the empath by making them feel uncertain and powerless to gain control and become more powerful themselves.

4. The narcissist is always the victim. They will tell the empath all their past troubles and fake stories so that the empath feels more connected to them and offers them even more, love, care, and support. This is because the narcissist enjoys the compassion and the attention that the empath so wholeheartedly gives to them.

5. The relationship will soon become all about the narcissist and meeting the narcissist’s needs and desires. The empath sees that, but they are so hypnotized by the narcissist that they are not able to act on it and are afraid to state their needs and desires out of fear that the narcissist will abandon them.

6. The empath’s way of solving the problems is with giving even more love and affection to the narcissist. However, the more they try to give their best, the more the narcissist feels powerful and in control of the situation.

7. The empath begins feeling suffocated and suppressed in the relationship. The narcissist notices this and starts blaming the empath for all the mistakes so that the empath would feel that he is the selfish and unfair one.

8. The narcissist is hungry for drama and attention. They always strive to be the center of attention and when they are not, they get angry. The empath’s loving and caring nature focuses only on the narcissist’s positive traits and they try to understand and justify their behavior and why they act the way they do.

9. During an argument, the narcissist will most likely storm off leaving the empath feeling hurt, clueless, and guilty because it’s never the narcissist’s fault.

10. The narcissist will never admit their mistakes. They will say that the empath is the one who is being crazy and overly dramatic. The narcissist will also say that the empath tends to find reasons for conflict where there aren’t any because they are the ones who love drama and arguments.

11. By this time, the narcissist has made the empath so insecure and confused that the empath really starts believing that it is all their fault. The empath can’t see that they are being manipulated because their pure and innocent soul doesn’t understand how a wicked mind works. So, they are left feeling powerless, insecure, guilty, and they feel an immense pain whenever the narcissist threatens to leave them.

If you have been the empath in this kind of a toxic relationship, it is important to know that you are neither stupid nor naïve for letting a narcissist entice you with their honeyed words.

What is important is understanding that it is human to make mistakes, but you need to own them and learn from them.