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The 11 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening We All Go Through


Spiritual awakening comes in its own perfect timing and with the purpose to help us advance to the next level of consciousness that will allow us to face new challenges and grow even bigger.

The truth is, everyone wakes up at their own given time, in the right moment, and under the right circumstances. This means that you can’t force someone out of the ‘sleep’ of this dimension unless they are ready to move on to the next level of understanding.

In fact, we never sleep – we are just facing the appropriate reality which vibrates with our consciousness in such a way that we will come across the challenges we need to face. Spiritual awakening just opens up a door to new possibilities and a complete change of the perception we have been used to so far.

So, what are the stages of awakening that we all go through once it starts its course?

1. Realization

The first stage of spiritual awakening comes with our sudden realization that our life is not complete. Although you may not be able to put your finger on what’s missing, you will just know that there is so much more to life than what you’re experiencing. It’s like a door being opened just enough to see the light shining through the opening, and you know that this light promises something bigger than anything you’ve experienced so far.

2. Questioning

When you get to the point of realization, you will definitely start questioning everything about your existence. Your mind will start challenging your beliefs, your perceptions, your ideas, and your experiences. It’s completely natural for this to happen and it will bring insights that will lead you to the next stages.

3. Change

Only the purest of things can pass through the sift of the awakened mind, and this information will become the basis of your new and improved Self. You will experience changes in your attitude, your beliefs, and your perception of things.

4. Growth

In the ever-improving version of yourself, you will see yourself growing in a way that you haven’t been growing so far. You will start seeing the connection between everything and you will become bigger with every passing day. Perhaps your greatest understanding in this stage will be the fact that everything IS growing constantly.

5. Purpose

And in the connection of things, you will eventually start finding yourself and your role in the Web of existence. You will start rediscovering your purpose and your true potentials that were meant for you to express and share with this world. Simply said, you will rediscover yourself.

6. Cleansing

Once your mind has been freed from the illusions you perceived to be very important and real, you will experience a period of cleansing of the old and the things that don’t align with your purpose. You might change your whole surroundings, or you might simply let go of everything that has been holding you back. The lessons you are going to realize are going to help you start a self-healing process that will be very intense.

7. Self-healing

In the process of self-healing, you will experience things with such intensity that it may even feel overwhelming. Your emotions will skyrocket, your sensitivity will triple, and your awareness of things can even seem alarmingly high. This is your healing process. Enjoy the ride (although nobody said it’s going to be a smooth one).

8. Acceptance

Perhaps the greatest reason why the self-healing process is so intense is because your growth comes with the challenges of self-acceptance. You will learn that the roller coaster you’ve been riding has been so rough because some aspects of yourself aren’t easy to accept for you. Whatever the case, you will definitely learn to accept your whole being as it is, and you will embrace growth for what it really means.

9. Self-care

Once you accept every positive and negative aspect of yourself, you will become able to direct a more sincere and pure care toward yourself. Accepting and embracing yourself means that you have finally come to terms with the meaning of what it truly means to be a soul incarnated in this dimension. You are your greatest challenge, and you will start facing it with great care.

10. Insight

Your journey will start making sense to you, and you will finally start feeling awakened. You might reconnect with nature, choose to meditate, become more spiritual, or simply a better person. Whatever the case, the insight you will receive from your growth is one that will allow you to grow even further. You are latching onto the channel of the Universal Wisdom and it’s a beautiful experience.

11. A piece of the Unconditional and the Infinite

Many things are Unconditional and Infinite – love, wisdom, happiness… You will finally feel a portion of what they really mean. While this definitely is only the first step to a thousand-mile journey, it is one that promises growth to heights you could have never imagined before. Enjoy your growth!