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11 Things A Strong Woman Won’t Tolerate In A Relationship


Congratulations. You’ve found yourself a strong, I-can-do-it lady. So now that you’ve entered the relationship with an independent woman, the most important step is figuring out how to keep her.

She will need her wings to fly and save the world couple of times a day. She’ll need her own time to do her own things at her own pace. But giving her that space for some men can be really intimidating.

Guys, here’s a little advice: The key is to trust her enough that once she’s done doing her things, she’ll come back to you. If the love of your life is a strong, independent lady, here are 11 things you should know she’ll never tolerate:

1. Disrespect

A strong woman knows her worth more than anything else. She values respect and treats others with the same amount they treat her.

So, when you go on and disrespect someone else’s opinion, let alone her own, she won’t stand aside. That is a sure sign that you’ll get the TIMEOUT. She just won’t have that attitude.

In fact, have in mind that whenever you’re on a date with a tough lady, she subtly pays attention to every behavior of yours. If you’re kind and respectful, she might see you again. If not, she’s going to the “toilet”, and she is never coming back.

2. Being Controlled

If there’s one crucial thing to be aware of when you’re in a relationship with an independent lady, is giving up the idea that you can control her. They are independent. They are wild beings.

You’ll never be able to tame a strong lady. Don’t think for a moment that you can tell her where she can go or what she can do. They need their freedom and it’s better for you if you just leave them be.

3. Breaking Her Boundaries

If the answer to your question is NO, then you better stick to it. Know this: Strong, independent ladies won’t break under your manipulation.

So, if you keep on pushing her limits for too long, you are guaranteed to trigger a devastating end to the relationship. Don’t cross her boundaries.

4. Dominating The Relationship

Equality is a value she respects the most. And while control can be kinky and sexy in the bedroom, it’ll be a complete turn off if you try to pull it off in your daily functioning.

If you expect from her to serve you at her pleasure, you’re terribly wrong my friend. A strong woman won’t agree to slave you around the house and make your food if you don’t do the same for her.

Forget your traditional beliefs of what should a woman do. If you date a fierce lady, have in mind that she knows her worth. And you know what? Your worth isn’t more than hers.

5. Lying (Even if it’s over something small)

Even if it’s a white lie we’re talking about, lying is not approved as a part of her life. She considers honesty to be one of her strongest traits and she expects exactly the same.

She’ll tell you everything, but in return, she’ll expect nothing but the truth from you. If you’re not going to abide, she’ll sense the lie from miles and you won’t hear from her ever again.

Have the courage and dignity to speak to her up front. Strong, independent ladies don’t have the time to deal with boys. 

6. Jealousy

Oh, don’t even try to pull this stunt. You’ll be left and forgotten.

First of all, it’s a serious sign of insecurity. She can’t go on and waste her time trying to convince you that she only went out to have a drink with the girls.

She won’t waste her life with a person who doesn’t trust her enough when she’s alone with her male friend.  So just let her be, and believe her. A strong woman who firmly stands her ground will never betray your trust.

7. Cheating

A definite NO-NO! If you ever do this, and your woman catches you, that’s it. Don’t try to justify it. Don’t even think you’ll get a second time around.

A strong independent woman looks for a relationship that will take her to a higher level in life. She strives for a person who is mature enough to be with her.

8. Unkindness

Another kind of insecurity is being harsh to others. People are usually mean when they feel endangered. A strong woman will never choose to settle for a person who is mean and disrespectful to other, but respectful to her.

It’s hypocritical and insincere. She won’t allow having that kind of attitude in her life.

9. Not Supporting Her Goals And Dreams

No matter how tough she actually is, she still needs someone who’ll be there on her worst days, a person who will encourage her wildest dreams and desired goals.

Strong, independent women go after so much more than an average person does. They are driven by passion and success is their biggest motivation. They can do everything that comes to their mind.

However, as confident as she is, sometimes she’ll just need you to be there, if only for a talk. She’ll panic and will come to you. Make sure to always remind her that failure is just another step towards success.

10. Mothering You

Most importantly, a strong, tough lady won’t be okay with taking you under her wing and mothering you.

She’s a confident, mature and responsible adult and expects the same from you. Don’t act like she should take care of your childish shenanigans. She’ll have you out in no minute.

11. Excuses

Sure, it’s understandable to excuse yourself for not being able to do something. It happens. But if you continue with a constant stream of apologies and excuses, be prepared to say your goodbyes.

Strong women accept apologies but also know when to just stop and walk away. If you are a guy who is really good at making excuses, she will assume you had a lot of practice before her.

The thing is, a strong woman doesn’t need you. She never did. She chose to have you in her life because she wants you. The right person will see the value in this and cherish her for her individuality!