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11 Things Every Strong Woman Stopped Giving A F*ck About A Long Time Ago


This freaking rollercoaster of life won’t ever stop giving us nasty curves. It’s the way it is designed. Always here to throw us off balance and surprise us, life can be pretty hard. However, only a few of us out there have learned the art of not giving an actual f*ck.

To be honest, it’s not like life gave us an option. At some point (basically when the last drop made the glass overflow), you reach a stage when even if you tried, you couldn’t care less about some things that once caused you horrible headaches.

You are done pretending to be the fairy godmother to people who don’t deserve, you stop making people’s wishes come true on your account, you stop caring what others think. You quit it all together. Because you’ve realized that life is too short. If you ask me, too damn short to waste it on binge worrying.

So, if you too are sharing the same opinion and feel like you need to make some serious change in order to find happiness within yourself, you need to definitely stop giving a f*ck about:

1. Who you sleep with

The things you like to do between the sheets and the people you do it with is nobody’s concern but yours. Live your life the way you intend to and never give those greedy scavengers the pleasure they want.

2. The way you dress

Don’t you ever let anyone tell you “Are you actually going to wear this?”. You are free to rock your mom jeans whenever you feel like it, those short miniskirts that make your legs sexy or the oversized granny-sweater that you just looove.

Who says you need to follow the trends? Be comfortable in your own skin even if you go out wearing your PJs.

3. Other people’s opinions about you

Stop beating yourself over someone’s opinion about you. People will always be mean, and they will never stop judging you.

So, the minute someone projects their hate on you, remember the golden truth: “What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally.” Live it. Learn it.

4. What your ex is doing

He’s in the past for a reason. So, if you plan on getting on with your life and focusing on being happy, you need to let it go.

5. Trying to fit in everywhere

Some people waste their whole lives trying to fit in the crowd without realizing that they might actually be unique and unfitting. And I mean it in a positive way. Why would you want to be just another sheep among millions of sheep?

6. Having the “perfect body”

Okay, we all dream about the perfectly shaped smoking-hot bod. But, you need to stop obsessing about losing weight by starving yourself. It’s not healthy and won’t make you happier. ENJOY your individuality and your perfect shape. You are beautiful!

7. Toxic people that don’t deserve to be a part of your life

When that last drop makes the glass overflow, you need to brace yourself and take control of your life. Learn to cut off those greedy vampires from your life. Stop tolerating their drama altogether.

Protect your wellbeing from harm. Don’t be afraid to stand alone. After all, who needs people who’ll only be around while you are useful to them?

8. What people post on social media

This one takes the cake on the list no-f*cks-given. Since the World Wide Web is kind of everybody’s best friend nowadays, you are familiar that there are all kinds people. From extremely ignorant to exceptionally edgy humans.

So, do yourself a favor and just ignore the hell out of these people. On the other hand, there’s also the unfollow button. Just saying…

9. Your past mistakes

There is nothing you can possibly do to change the events that already occurred and the chances that already passed you by. Don’t regret your wrong-doings. If it weren’t for them, you might not even be here.

10. The future

The same as the past, there is no legit way to find out what your future is going to be like (I don’t consider oracles to be legit, so, sue me) and there is no need to do it either. You just focus on achieving the best in this moment, and everything else will take care of itself.

11. Everything else that you won’t be able to control

Seriously, stop stressing over the things you clearly can’t control. Whether it’s someone’s personality, their opinions, the weather, growing old, gas prices, taxes, what others think of you. It can go on for miles. You name it.

The only things you can control is your reaction to everything that happens to you. You can control your attitude and you can decide what are you going to do about a certain situation.

If you manage to do so, believe me, you’re going places. True happiness comes only from within, so try hard and do your best to reach for it.