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Alpha Personality – 24 Things That Only Alpha Males And Females Would Do

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When it comes to people, however, those who are perceived to have an alpha personality are those who have dominant personalities, just like the first letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha. They are usually outgoing, ambitious, straightforward, highly intelligent, and successful. In fact, 70% of male executives are alpha male types because they are natural leaders and are compatible with this high responsibility, which most people would find overwhelming, so it is even hard to imagine every corporation without these alpha leaders that put complete faith in their instincts and are never wrong. 

What Are Alpha Male Traits?

Alpha males are very confident and intelligent, prefer to be in a position of power, and have great self-control. As a result, they are the ones men show respect and women want them as long-life partners and want to date.   

The main traits all alpha males would have are as follows: 

  • They are always in the center of attention and are the most impressive of all people in the room 
  • They can influence other’s people opinions and have the ability to draw them 
  • They can easily handle high levels of responsibility
  • They are almost always in a position of power
  • They take the initiative and are not afraid of risks

Traditionally they are regarded as unemotional and too analytical because they rely on exhaustive data and can be sometimes judgmental of colleagues who can’t control their emotions. 

Some of the negative traits they might have are that they can be stubborn and resistant to feedback and other people’s influence, and they do not listen.

So, if you are wondering whether you are an alpha person or not, below are 24 things that only people who have alpha personalities do.

1. They Love Being Alone

People with alpha personalities need their alone time to unwind and recharge from their busy day. They cherish the time they are alone because they use this time to focus on themselves and do the things they love.

2. They Say What’s On Their Mind Without Holding Back

Alpha people are blunt and honest. They always speak their mind and don’t hold back. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t care about other people’s feelings – they do. But they choose honesty over compassion always.

3. They Don’t Care What Others Think Of Them

People with alpha personalities are strong-willed and they know themselves so well that they do not pay attention to what others think of them. And, they certainly don’t allow other people to affect their opinions.

4. They Are Not Pushovers

 Alpha people respect other people. But, when they see that someone is using or manipulating them – they won’t allow it. They don’t allow others to take advantage and step over them.

5. They Speak With Actions, Not With Words

When an alpha person says he/she will do something – they will. They always make their actions count. But, they also expect the same from others. They cannot understand how someone can say they will do something and then they won’t stay true to their word.

6. They Are Protective

Alpha people are overly protective of their belongings, their surroundings, and of people, they care about. And, they won’t keep their calm if they see someone trying to take away something from them.

7. Their Passion Is Often Seen As Bossiness

Alpha personality is often misinterpreted as bossy. Because, when alphas try to get everyone to be more effective and passionate about some task, others may not see it in the same way. So, they label them as demanding and bossy.

8. They Have Strong Beliefs

They have integrated strong belief systems, be it political, social, or philosophical, you name it. They stand by their beliefs and values firmly and defend them strongly and openly. (1)

9. They Are Perfectionists

People with alpha personalities are perfectionists. When they undertake a task, they complete it perfectly and thoroughly. They don’t do this to undermine the effort of others, but because it is their nature to always do their best in whatever it is that they are doing.

10. They Are Hard-Workers

Alpha people are often seen as workaholics. They bury themselves deep into their work even if that means sacrificing themselves. They believe that hard work always pays off.

11. They Only Do The Things They Love

Even though their career is of utmost importance, alpha people find time for their hobbies too. They are just as much passionate about the things they love as they are about their work.

12. They Can Control Their Emotions

In our lives, it is very important not to react emotionally in unfavorable situations. Alpha males would just take a few deep breaths and evaluate what is the best action to take next to survive and overcome all difficulties with an “I can do it” attitude. They are always committed to motivating themselves and others and know how to do it.

13. They Can Make Big Decisions

They are courageous and this helps them to make big decisions and are not afraid of the consequences of making a bad decision, such as investing in a bad company, and this identifies them as leaders.

Can Introverts And Loners Be Alphas Males?

Even though you cannot imagine an alpha male as an introvert, because introverts like peace and quiet, they are deep and thoughtful, and are genuine and mysterious, which can sometimes be opposite to the great self-confidence alpha males possess. An introvert alpha? It sounds like an oxymoron.

But, being quiet and having big confidence can go hand in hand quite easily and it can be an attractive combination, especially for women!

Women love alpha males because they are types of men that have strong direction in life and as a plus, introverted males are quiet and mysterious, which makes them attractive.

Here are the characteristics of introverted alpha males:

1. They have characteristics of both introverts and alpha males

They sometimes act as introverts and tend to make deep introspection of themselves, think before they say something, and look into all sides of a problem before they act. They are quiet and have a definite allure around them, but this doesn’t mean that they are shy and feel discomfort out of their comfort zone.

They always leave something for imagination and this makes women start to deep even more and analyze to learn their unique personalities.

As alphas, they know who they are and what they want in life, honor and respect other people, and learn new things in life continuously. They have a good heart, inner strength, and integrity.

2. They own a unique type of intelligence

As introverts, they introspect themselves often, which makes them uniquely intelligent and attracts other people. They can easily engage and initiate serious and intellectual conversations and bring different points of view on various subjects.

3. They take into consideration the feelings and thoughts of others

They always think before starting a conversation and saying something, which gives them time to consider what to say and not hurt someone’s feelings or thoughts.

4. They have a unique point of view on life

Alpha introverts usually have enough time to spend on analyzing and forming their opinions and thoughts, which makes them form unique points of view about something and makes them attractive.

5. They are great friends and partners

They tend to feel and understand others when in a relationship because you have sensitive nature and you can sense how things can get improved. You grow as a person continuously and this is a great contribution to all relationships you have with friends or partners.

What Personality Type Is An Alpha Female?

Similar to alpha males, the alpha female is self-confident, courageous, highly motivated, and has leadership abilities. She is self-aware that she is strong and she has enough confidence to help others and their confidence is contagious.  

She is diligent and has a strong sense of self and its purpose. Some of her character characteristics include: 

1. Alpha females have strong emotional intelligence

They can recognize and manage their emotions and help others to recognize and manage theirs. They are aware that emotions can really impact other people positively or negatively and can inspire others and bring social ease to a group. They can start conversations and introduce people and resolve business disagreements.

2. Alpha females are powerful leaders

Alpha female is a natural leader because she possesses a high level of confidence and always takes the initiative. She knows what she wants and knows that with hard work, she can get it.

They have high authority and most female CEO figures have alpha personalities.

3. Alpha Females Learn Continuously In Life

One study that was conducted by Walden University showed that alpha veteran female leaders that took part in it said that continuous learning is very important for new experiences and facing challenges more easily, deep more in their expertise, and learning new topics and research. That is why they constantly read books on different subjects that are new to them. (2

4. Alpha Females Are Strong

Alpha females are strong mentally and physically and enjoy physical activities. They have a strong, resilient attitude and they continue with life although life might have kicked them several times and maintain their sense of purpose and know how to deal with problems in life like injustice, illness, poverty, etc…

5. Alpha Females Are Loyal

Alpha females always keep their promises and are always there when things go wrong. They show respect and courtesy to others and take loyalty seriously.

However, it is difficult to earn her trust and it will take time to trust someone.

She is very responsible and will always check on her safety and the safety of the people she loves and respects.

6. Alpha Females Have Self-Respect And Dignity

It is impossible to comprise with dignity and self-respect of alpha females. She has set principles and it is not possible to break them, there is no compromise about it. She always gets attention from others, because she always puts herself first regardless of what others think.

7. Alpha Females Are Social Conductors

All women have a natural gift of keeping harmony in a group and reading others’ emotions. But, alpha females can really help the interaction in a female group because they are born leaders. They can set the tone and balance the power struggle inside the group, so in some way, they are social conductors.

8. Alpha Females Do Not Fear To Walk Away

If she feels that she is not respected and needed, it is very easy for her to leave and no matter what happens, she won’t come back. She has the power to continue alone because she is independent and won’t ask for help. But, she is not cruel, demanding, or domineering in a relationship.

9. Alpha Females Put Their Career On The First Place

They are very ambitious and have big dreams about their lives. If they choose to pursue their dreams, they won’t hesitate to put aside their romantic relationship, which can sometimes cause problems.

What Type Of Woman Do Alpha Males Like?

Alpha males are hard to catch and are on the top of the pecking order. So, maybe you are attracted to an alpha male and wonder what type of woman they are attracted to? They like challenges in life, and they would love a woman who can challenge their power and may be really picky when choosing a partner.

So, here are some types of women alpha males would like:

1. They like a career-oriented woman

The carrier is most important for alphas and they are successful in what they do. They like someone who has goals in life and plans for the future and knows what it wants from life, so they would fall for someone who is career-oriented just like they are.

They would love someone to help them to grow in their career as well and strives to grow emotionally and financially.

2. They like a woman who knows what she wants

Alpha males know what they want in life, so they like women who know what they want in life as well. They like a woman who takes commands, is shrewd, and gives them compliments for their over-ambitious attitude.

So, if you want an alpha male, be ready to conquer the world and put on your high-heel shoes!

3. They love an unpredictable and unique woman

If alpha males see that you are unpredictable and mysterious and they will see you as unique and attractive and they will start chasing you and take you on dates and treat you like a queen.

4. They like an adventurous woman

Alpha males are adventurous and like women who will join their adventures and love trills and challenges.

5. They would fall for a classy woman

They usually are part of famous and influential people and high society circles, so you need to know how to behave at big social events and always look classy.

6. They like a mature and loyal woman

Alpha males are surrounded by many women, so they do not know if someone loves them just for their successful social life, good looks, or just for their strong personality.

They commit in their relationships, so they would like, in turn, their partners to commit as well and be loyal and do not play with them as non–mature women would do.

7. They like a woman who takes care of her appearance

They like a woman who is physically attractive to impress others and proudly show them in public. So, they would not fall for someone who is not presentable.

8. They like an intelligent woman who works hard to achieve her dreams

Alpha males are intelligent and want to be with someone who is intelligent as well to speak about intelligent topics like politics, economy, business, and all smart talks. They love hard-working women who achieve their goals in life.