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11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Are A Highly Intuitive Person


Intuition is very hard to define. It’s something which is inevitably present among people, and which serves to give us subtle guidance in the things we do. And no matter how much you are or aren’t in touch with your intuition, you will notice yourself being led by it in times when you need it most.

However, there’s a number of people who possess high intuitive skills and they let this high intuition lead their lives to achieve flawless results. These individuals trust their gut feeling and they seem to do the right thing at the right moment every time.

If you are one of them, you will agree that these 11 things are what you do differently from those who aren’t in touch with their intuition as much as you are:

  1. You trust your inner voice unconditionally

The inner voice which comes as a hunch or a gut feeling is what highly intuitive people have tuned into and will listen to every time it speaks.

A highly intuitive person will know that this voice will always lead them to a solution to a problem, or will lead them out of trouble at the right moment – and it’s always right!

  1. You tend to spend time alone

No matter how busy their lives may be, the highly intuitive person will always have some alone time in their day. They respect being with themselves and listening to their own silence, as they are aware that this silence speaks a lot more than any sound. In these moments, they connect to their deepest and innermost wisdom.

  1. You are creative

Creativity is the fruit of intuition. A highly intuitive person is also a highly creative one. These people like spending time thinking up of the most creative ideas and activities. And the more they nurture their creativity, the greater their intuition becomes (and vice versa).

  1. You practice mindfulness

Consciously or not, everything you do, you do with a lot of mindfulness involved in it. The highly intuitive person is almost always aware of the whole experience and every part of it.

And of course, if you are able to pay attention to what’s happening inside of you, then it won’t be hard at all to notice anything else around you.

  1. You can’t help observing everything

Not only do highly intuitive people experience everything with all their senses, but they also tend to observe everything around them. Part consciously and out of curiosity, and part unconsciously, the highly intuitive person will eventually notice everything.

  1. You are in touch with your body

A highly intuitive person is able to observe everything which is happening in their body – and hence the gut feeling which many don’t take seriously.

They know when they need a certain kind of food, and they can feel when something is wrong with their health.

  1. You can connect with others on a deeper level

High intuition is closely related to empathy, as the power of observance that the intuitive person possesses can easily be directed to the intuitive ability. This allows them to connect with those around them on a much deeper level and understand them intuitively.

  1. You pay more attention to your dreams

Being able to decipher the signals from your subconscious allows you to remember and analyze your dreams more easily.

The highly intuitive person follows up on their dreams the first thing in the morning and spends some time thinking about them and trying to figure out the message their subconscious has been trying to send.

  1. You dedicate a lot of down time to recharge

The hectic lives we live wear our intuition down, simply because we lose touch with ourselves. The highly intuitive person will automatically do everything necessary to take a break from all that stress and recharge. How do they know when they need their down time? Intuition.

  1. You mindfully let the negative emotions go

Being in touch with such heightened intuition is a gift which allows the bearer to masterfully realize and let go of any negative emotions that would otherwise cloud the intuition. Intuition brings a subtle insight into the events and the emotions that revolve around them. And this insight brings clarity and the ability to let go.

  1. You know things before you find the definition for them

A lot of information that comes to the intuitive person is something which may have already been understood and defined. However, any information is useful only when you really need it.

The highly intuitive person will come to this information with no effort, and the surprise is very satisfying when they learn that they came to it before having read about it.