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11 Things He Does That Show He’s Not In Love With You


Finding a true love is every person’s desire since the beginning of time. Everybody wants to find that particular person in their life, the one who has seen your worst as well as best and the one who despite all the drama in life will still love you and accept you.

However, there are times when love fails to go both ways and hits you so hard that you begin to doubt if your partner is the one for you.  You feel like you’ve invested so much in the relationship and, yet you don’t get enough in return.

If you date a man that makes you question your relationship status, and things have seriously taken a wrong turn, you need to ask yourself a sincere question.

Is he worth it?

Here are 11 signs that the man you date is not in love with you and maybe it is time you should let him go:

1.He spends more time with his friends than you

He tells you he’s super busy all the time, only to find him later hanging out with his friends. If he keeps on finding excuses for not seeing you and tries to subtly ignore you, this is a clear sign that he doesn’t really care for you.

2.The passion between you is gone

When a man is in love with you, he will never keep his hands off you. Love is revealed in the sweet affection, those kisses, and endless hugs.

However, if you feel like the chemistry is nowhere to be found and your sexual life keeps getting dull, this is another indication that he is not in love. Get out of this kind of relationship as soon as possible.

3.He doesn’t introduce you to his friends

When a person is serious about his intentions with you, he’ll be pleased to meet you with his friends and family.

And if you date a person, who’ll be running to the hills whenever the moment for “meeting the friends” comes, it appears you have a problem.

5. He text you but never calls you

It is as if it’s not enough that you two don’t even see each other that much, but he also forgets to call you and simply ask you “How was your day?”

Besides that, when a person calls you, you can clearly tell that he has nothing to hide about where he is or with whom he is. He would rather hear your voice than hiding behind text messages.

6. He makes his future plans without you

When he talks about all the things he wants to do, you can clearly see that you don’t quite fit in the big picture. He somehow manages to always find a way to not include you in whatever activity he’s doing.

You either need to stand up to him about these problems or just get the hell out of there. A person rarely changes for someone else. And if he already acts so inconsiderate of your feelings, don’t expect much from him in the long run.

7. He maintains contact with ex-girlfriends

Oh, you found a missed call on his cell from Jessica? Wasn’t that the name of his ex? Well, I guess you’re all fine because he told you they’re only friends.

Girls, if the guy you are dating keeps contact with his past lovers, this is a serious issue. If you plan on sticking by his side, you might consider checking his side of the story a bit more thoroughly. This can easily turn up to be a clear case of delusion.

8.He avoids all forms of public affection

He takes you to secret make-out places, and you often sit at that particular café where it seems like nobody ever goes. Be careful.

If he’s not even up for a kiss on the cheek or just a casual hug, this guy might not be serious about you.

9.You don’t feel comfortable enough to be yourself around him

As a result of all these things, you feel more and more worried. You become sleep deprived, you have no appetite, and when you’re with him, you feel this anxiety that keeps messing with your mind.

“Where is this going”, “Why doesn’t he talk to me?” are some of the questions that haunt you. The worst part is that you feel uncomfortable to the point where you’re afraid to be yourself and you fake it. You fake your feelings.

But, this can’t go on together. You have to stop doing it to yourself.

10.He is annoyed by your emotional side and he’s indifferent when you are sad

Whenever you two have a conflict and you point out the things you don’t like, he tells you that you exaggerate and complain a lot.

He will later do his best to make you feel like you asked for more than you deserve. Don’t let him manipulate you.

11. He “ghosts out” whenever you two have a fight

And after the fight, he’ll disappear into thin air, leaving you wondering where he was all week.

Once he decides to call you back, it’s most likely he’ll act like nothing ever happened.