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11 Things Strong Women Don’t Give A Damn About And You Shouldn’t Too?(#5 is amazing)


I am sure that everyone admires a person that can go through life effortlessly without worrying what tomorrow may bring. It takes a strong person not to bother with life’s trivialities and fully grasp and enjoy life as it is.

Because let’s be honest – all your worries that you have today will not matter in the long run. The only thing that matters is how much happiness you bring into your life and to the people around you.

And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems like the happiest people nowadays are those that do not give a damn about anything.

So, below are 11 things that strong women do not give a damn about, and you should not too.

1.They Don’t Give A Damn About What Others Think

Strong women do not worry about what others think of them. This quality puts them in a very powerful position because they get to decide what matters to them and choose only things and people that align with the quality of their life. They respect and value themselves enough to not feel like they need to prove themselves to others.

2. They Don’t Give A Damn About Being Right All The Time

Strong women respect other people’s opinions and value them. They know they are not perfect and don’t intend to be. They are aware that it is impossible to know everything. So, they don’t care about being right all the time – because nobody is. They know that they can learn something new from every person they encounter.

3. They Don’t Give A Damn About Having A Perfect Body

Strong women respect and love themselves for everything they are and everything they have. They love every little imperfection on them because that is what makes them unique. They appreciate others with their flaws too and don’t try to change anyone. They love their body as it is, and they do not care about following crazy diets – they care only about their health and well-being.

4. They Don’t Give A Damn About Following Fashion Rules

Who says you shouldn’t wear a bikini if you are oversized? Or, horizontal stripes are not for you if you have broad hips? Who says that size zero equals perfection? Strong women don’t care about any of those things. They wear what they like to wear, and they wear it with a striking confidence.

5. They Don’t Give A Damn When They Choose To End A Toxic Relationship

Let’s be honest, everyone has tasted the ‘bittersweet’ taste of a toxic relationship – strong women are not an exception to this. However, the difference between a strong woman and any other woman is that the strong woman doesn’t feel bad when she puts an end to the relationship. She chooses her happiness over anything and anyone.

6. They Don’t Give A Damn About Being Polite In Bed

It is sad how many women today think that being ‘good’ in bed means being submissive and fulfilling every desire of your partner. Strong women are vocal. They do not care if they will hurt their man’s ego. They know what they want in bed, and most importantly, they know that their needs are equally important as their partner’s.

7. They Don’t Give A Damn About Fitting In

Strong women do not follow the rules that society inputs on them. They play by their own rules and live their lives being their most authentic selves. They don’t fit in because they don’t follow the crowd and don’t want to shape themselves to be like everyone else. Plus, this uniqueness that strong women have is what makes others enjoy spending time with them.

8. They Don’t Give A Damn About Getting Likes On Facebook And Instagram

Getting hundreds of likes on social media doesn’t mean anything to strong women. The likes they get make no difference in their lives, so why bother with them? Strong women decide to spend their mental energy focusing on something that is actually beneficial to them, and not on how many people have liked their Instagram photo.

9. They Don’t Give A Damn About Gossip

Strong women are only focused on their life; they don’t want to spend time and energy on getting to know about someone else’s. They don’t gossip simply because they don’t find anything exciting or meaningful in gossiping. Anything pointless, such as gossiping, is not a subject of interest to them.

10. They Don’t Give A Damn About 3-inch Heels

If your style is wearing heels all the time – that’s fine. Strong women prefer commodity and comfort over looking hot in 3-inch heels. They can’t understand women who willingly choose to endure pain because their pain-inflicting heels match their dress.

11. They Don’t Give A Damn About The Mistakes They Have Made

Strong women know that reminding and scorning themselves about every past mistake they have made doesn’t bring them any good. They have learned the lesson from each mistake, and they have moved on stronger than ever.