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11 Ways To Let Go Of Your Partner With Love And Respect


Why do some couples decide to end their relationships by needlessly creating a lot of tension and drama? If you or someone you know is having a problem like this one, remember that your partner is the person with whom you’ve spent many years loving, respecting, and supporting one another and none of you deserve a dramatic and hurtful ending.

Nobody wants to go through breakups, let alone painful ones. Yet, there comes a time in your life when you realize that no matter how hard you try to fix the bad things between you and your partner, your relationship continues to break down.

If you can’t see any other way in which you can make your relationship harmonious and strong, well, maybe it’s time for you to turn the page and leave your partner.

Yet, breakups don’t need to be uncomfortable and messy. Ending a relationship in an abrupt and inconsiderate way will only worsen the whole situation for both of you. So, if you’re planning to leave your partner, make sure you do that in a healthy, loving, and responsible way.

Here are 11 ways how you can achieve this:

1. Respect both your partner and the relationship.

Just because it’s over it doesn’t mean that you have to insult and/or yell at your partner. Don’t forget that you honestly loved and respected each other once and ending the relationship by disrespecting the other is so immature and unfair.

Additionally, avoid underestimating and saying bad things about your relationship because that was the thing which was filling your hearth with warmth and giving you strength.

2. Accept full responsibility for your part in the ending of your relationship.

If you’ve made a mistake that brought about any inconveniences in the relationship or even the breakup, admit it. Similarly, there’s no use in blaming your partner for things that weren’t their fault only.

If you took your lover for granted, neglected their needs and wishes, you shouldn’t feel shocked if they’ve decided to find love, care, and support in another partner.

3. Honor the love.

Never underestimate the power and importance of love that you once felt in the relationship. It was love and strong feelings of affection that brought you together and you were grateful for it.

Yet, be ready to admit that love isn’t always enough to maintain a long and meaningful relationship. If there is no respect, trust, loyalty, and commitment, any relationship can fall apart.

4. Allow yourself to spend some time grieving.

Irrespective of who does the leaving, every breakup is a loss. So, it’s normal if you feel that you’re hurt, lonely, and heart-broken. Don’t be ashamed to show that you’re vulnerable or that you’re even struggling with feelings of guilt. What’s done is done. Let all your emotions come out of you and allow time to heal your wounds.

5. Give your partner some space.

Just like you deserve to have time and space to grieve and learn how to deal with your sadness and disappointment, your partner deserves it too. Be kind to your lover and grant them enough space to breathe and think about the whole situation. Don’t show you’re surprised if you see they’re unable to control their emotions and start crying.

6. Don’t get mad at your partner if they react harshly when you leave them.

When you break up with your lover, it’s completely normal if they start shouting, bombarding you with all kinds of questions, and trying to shift the blame onto you. Yet, try to act reasonably and understand that in these situations, it’s very difficult to control your reactions and emotions.

7. Don’t be afraid to give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

When you aren’t sure about your partner, you often tend to blame them even for things they haven’t done. In this way, you only create unnecessary conflicts.

So, next time, when you have doubts about your partner, try to believe that they aren’t hiding anything from you. Maybe it’s your own insecurities that make you feel unsure about your partner.

8. Make your partner know that love is what matters in a relationship.

What good will it do to you if your partner has a good financial status and can afford all sorts of material things but they don’t give you love? Without love, you’ll feel empty and it’s something that no money can replace.

9. Be prepared for any outcome.

Maybe you want to finish your relationship in one way or another or to keep your partner as a friend in your life, but you can never be sure that this will happen. Your partner might decide to break every contact with you. So, don’t concentrate on the possible outcomes of your breakup and let happen what is meant to be.

10. Don’t be afraid to feel joy.

Yeah, I know it sounds awkward, but oftentimes, you’ll feel happy and relieved because you let go of your toxic partner or relationship. If you felt stressed out, uncomfortable or even depressed in your relationship, imagine how free and joyful you’ll feel when you won’t have to carry all that burden on your shoulders.

11. Believe in yourself.

Have faith in yourself. You don’t need to be in a relationship to make yourself feel worthy and confident. You’re good, worthy, and enough just the way you are.