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11 Weird But Socially Acceptable Things You Only Do With Your Best Friend


Everyone knows that the most important thing for our spiritual and emotional growth is being surrounded by a healthy number of great people, or, as we like to call them, friends. 

However, no matter how many people crossed your life for some deep cosmic reason, nothing can beat that one special human who’s been there through your best as well as worst days and loves you every second of your existence.

These weirdos are our life mates and bestest of friends. They are the people we’re most comfortable with doing the following socially awkward but kind of acceptable things:

1. You are brutally honest with each other

You have no problem telling it like it really is. And that’s the most important reason why you love and respect each other the most. Even if it’s a small thing like going shopping and telling your gal pal that the dress she chose makes her thighs look big, being 100% honest is what matters the most. You totally respect each other’s opinions and don’t get offended.

2. You walk into each other’s houses like you’re home

You live in separate houses, but it’s as if you two are practically roomies. You have no problem walking into your bestie’s house like it’s your own. Their parents refer to you as their third daughter and love to have you over.

So, it doesn’t matter if your friend is stuck in traffic trying to get home, you never refuse a friendly gossipy chit-chat with her mother while you wait for her to arrive. It’s like your second home after all.

3. You constantly use each other’s belongings without the need for permission

A very important part of your long-lasting friendship includes borrowing each other’s stuff without asking. Heck, you even bought clothes you’ve agreed to share. What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, am I right?

4. Ugly snaps are your daily routine

Your mornings include coffee first, ugly snapchats second. Is there a better start than that? Between the two of you, you know it all. You’ve seen the ugliest, worst versions of yourselves and wondered how you’ve even got boyfriends.  So, the more googly eyes and double chins, the merrier.

5. You enjoy each other’s company when indulging in fast foods

Because there’s nothing like binge-eating pizza and brownies on a Friday night at home with who else if not your best friend. Sure, once in a while you’ll motivate each other by practicing healthier choices, but there is something magical about indulging in those guilty pleasures with your loved one.

6. You have no problem sharing info about your bodily functions and odd symptoms

Let’s just say that if there was another person listening to your intimate conversations, they’d be totally grossed out. But not you two. When it comes down to sex positions, gyno bits of advice, odd health symptoms and the grossest of facts, you two are the best at it. But then again, that’s what best friends are for.

7. You screenshot the hell out of your social media accounts

As a high-quality bestie, one of your high-priority tasks includes detecting suspicious activities on Facebook or Instagram that might concern your girl, digging up the evidence, documenting them through screenshots and sending them to her ASAP!

 8. You over-analyze each other’s behavior and actions on a daily basis

A best friend is here for the honesty and stability as well as the over-analysis of trivialities on a daily basis. “Do you think I should tell him?”, “What does he mean by that?” are some of those questions that are often subjected to an explicit never-ending elaboration between you two.

9. You’ve been dragging their drunken butt home since middle school

How many times have you walked out of a party feeling totally hammered? I’m guessing too many. Luckily for you, there was ‘Her Highness Bestie’ to save the day and get you all sobered up before she puts you to bed. Partners in crime, always and forever!

 10. You call each other names

…Which most of the time doesn’t include endearing and lovely adjectives, but deep inside your heart you know that they are purely out of love. You really know how to get on your creative side when it comes down to nicknames.

11. You change clothes in front of each other

You have no problem changing in front of her, walking with barely anything on or using the shower without the curtain on. She basically saw you in the nude, so it’s safe to say that she saw even more of you than your current boyfriend.


Source: Elite Daily