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110 Inspirational Toxic Family Quotes

Toxic Family Quotes

Growing up in a toxic environment can scar you for life. Living with toxic parents or siblings means living with someone who ignores your basic needs, disregards your feelings, manipulates you, interferes with your life’s choices and decisions minimizes your achievements, and scapegoats you. 

Living with a toxic family member can negatively affect you on so many levels. It can undermine your self-esteem, make you feel a constant need to be validated and accepted by others, prevent you from establishing boundaries, and make you neglect your emotional needs.

Cutting ties with a toxic family member is not easy. It can be painful because, after all, they’re your Family. But, when living with someone causes you stress and makes your life miserable, sometimes the best thing you can do to protect your health and save yourself is to cut that person out of your life.

So, if you have a toxic relationship with a family member, in this article, you’ll find 110 toxic family quotes that can encourage you to cut ties with that person and move on with your life.

Here they are:

Toxic Family Quotes

1. “The only way to win with a dysfunctional family is not to play their game.”

2. “When you live with a toxic family, the only way to say “Yes” to respecting and cherishing yourself is to say “No” to them.

3. “A loving family is built on a foundation of love, compassion, harmony, and trust. A toxic family is built on a foundation of hate, selfishness, chaos, and distrust.”

4. “It is a sad fact that I can trust my friends more than my family.”

5. “Unfortunately, your worst enemies will always come disguised as your family.”

6. “The scapegoat isn’t the weakest member of a toxic family. Rather, they’re the mentally strongest one.”

7. “Toxic family members won’t tell you how they feel about you, but you can be sure they’ll show you.”

8. “Some of the most selfish and manipulative people come disguised as family.”

9. “Not everyone deserves your attention and love, this includes manipulative family members.”

10. “The saying, “they’re your family” shouldn’t mean anything to you if a family member is toxic and couldn’t care less about you.”

11. “A loving family should follow you in the sun and watch your back in the dark. A toxic one will always leave you in the dark.”

12. “Just because you’re my family doesn’t mean I have to put up with your toxicity.”

13. “Family is one of the greatest blessings in life. Tragically, I perceive mine as my greatest curse.”

14. Just because I don’t hate toxic family members doesn’t mean I’ll keep letting them mistreat me.”

15. “A toxic family member will never apologize for their behavior. “I’m sorry” does not exist in their vocabulary.”

16. “Don’t argue with toxic family members. Not reacting to their words is more powerful.”

17. “Just because you’re my family doesn’t mean you have the right to control my life.”

18. “A toxic family member always criticizes but never accepts criticism.”

19. “Toxic family members don’t deserve to be a part of your life.”

20. “Family is where you are supposed to be the happiest. Don’t allow blood to suck the happiness out of you.”

21. “Just because someone is a family member doesn’t mean you have to put up with drama, lies, lame excuses, negativity, and manipulation.”

22. “A toxic family relationship can destroy all other relationships unless you cut ties with the toxic person before it’s too late.”

23. “You can love a toxic family member and be glad that they aren’t in your life anymore at the same time.”

24. “Toxic family relationships can scar you for life.”

25. “How can you say, “We’re family” when my whole life, you’ve been treating me like I am your worst enemy?”

26. “The more you treat toxic family members well, the more they’ll abuse you.”

27. “A loving and supportive family will notice and respect your boundaries. A toxic family will overlook them.”

28. “Dealing with a toxic family is more difficult than dealing with a toxic romantic relationship.”

29. “Toxic family members know how to convince you that the problem isn’t the way they treat you, but your reaction to it.”

30. “No matter how much a toxic family member has abused you, remember, you are not to blame for the abuse. Not as a child, nor as an adult.”

31. “The best way to deal with a toxic family member is not to fight back.”

32. “A toxic family isn’t a family at all.”

Toxic Parents Quotes

1.“Just because someone brought you to this world, it doesn’t mean they’ll treat you the way you deserve to be treated.”

2. “No child should ever feel like they need to fight for their parents’ love.”

3. “All I ever wanted from my parents was compassion and love. All I ever got was rejection and hate.”

4. “Letting go of toxic parents is hard. But sometimes it’s inevitable.”

5. “A child shouldn’t feel obliged to respect his/her toxic parents. Respect is earned.”

6. “Love your toxic parents, but don’t let their negativity destroy your life.”

7. “For a child to feel loved and appreciated, they need four things from their parents: love, attention, compassion, and time. Toxic parents are incapable of providing these things.”

8. “Just because you’re a good daughter/son, it doesn’t mean your family is allowed to take advantage of you.”

9. “Never let your parents’ toxic behavior be the reason why you lead a miserable life.”

10. “Manipulation is the most common tactic toxic parents use to control their children.”

Toxic Siblings Quotes

1. “You may be my sister, but that doesn’t mean I’ll excuse your controlling behavior.”

2. “The way your siblings treat you says a lot about their character.”

3. “I’m tired of being told: “They’re still your brother/sister.” A toxic person is a toxic person. I have the right to walk away from anyone that prevents me from being happy.”

4. “I’ll always regret being nice to my toxic siblings, apologizing to them for things that weren’t my fault, and putting them first.”

5. “The word sister/brother shouldn’t mean anything to you if your siblings treat you like you’re their worst enemy.”

Cutting Ties With A Toxic Family Member Quotes

1.“Walking away from certain people to protect your mental health doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re wise and respect yourself.”

2. “Let go of people who bring drama into your life and drain you emotionally.”

3. “Sometimes letting go of a family member is easier than having contact with them.”

4. “If someone threatens your self-worth and peace of mind, you have every right to cut them out of your life.”

5. “You have the right to walk away from anyone who steals your happiness.”

6. “Cutting ties with certain people doesn’t mean I hate them. It just means I love myself enough not to let anyone disrespect me.”

7. “I walked away because I realized that I can’t change someone that doesn’t want to change themselves.”

8. “Move on from the relationships that suck the happiness out of you.”

9. “A toxic family can’t affect you if you walk away.”

10. “Letting go of a toxic family doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It means you respect yourself enough to let go of anyone who doesn’t mean you are good.”

11. “You’re allowed to cut toxic family members out of your life. You’re allowed to let go of people who don’t care about you. You’re allowed to be mad and selfish and put yourself first.”

12. “Don’t feel bad for cutting toxic family members out of your life. You have the right to remove any negativity from your life.”

13. “Cut toxic family members out of your life when you feel you can’t take it anymore. In 5 years, you’ll look back and see that it was the best decision you’ve ever made.”

14. “It’s okay to walk away from toxic family members. You don’t owe them anything after all.”

15. “Cut ties with toxic family members so that you can find the right people for you.”

16. “Stay away from toxic family members who say they love you and then make you feel unworthy.”

17. “Let go of family members who are never there when you need them the most. They’re not worth your attention.”

18. “Don’t worry about cutting ties with Family that acts like you are not important. Worry about letting them keep hurting you.”

19. “Letting go of toxic family members is hard. But sometimes it’s the only right thing to do.”

20. “Cutting ties with a toxic family is more difficult than cutting ties with a toxic partner.”

More Toxic Family Quotes

1. “You can’t heal around people who keep hurting you.”

2. “When someone treats you like they don’t care, it’s because they really don’t.”

3. “Just because someone is genetically related to you doesn’t mean they have the right to abuse you.”

4. “No relationship can hurt you unless you let it.”

5. “You only get to build healthy and meaningful relationships when you end the unhealthy ones.”

6. “Sometimes, the only way to come out as a winner from a toxic relationship is to put an end to it.”

7. “Even those we love with all of our heart can be a poison to our hearts.”

8. “I can’t call someone a family member if they never ask me how I’m doing.”

9. “When someone treats you like an enemy, believe them.”

10. “It took me a while to realize that while you were too busy noticing my flaws, I was ignoring yours.”

11. “Some people are simply not the right people for us.”

12. “Those I turned to for love and support are the ones that make me feel unlovable and lonely.”

13. “Just because I love you doesn’t mean you have the right to play with my emotions.”

14. “I don’t have the energy anymore for meaningless relationships and unpleasant conversations.”

15. “Words don’t hide actions.”

16. “Ask yourself this question: “Will I ever treat my family like this?” If your answer is “No,” why allow them to treat you that way?”

17. “I can’t love someone who remains blind to their toxic behavior.”

18. “Love yourself enough to stop letting others disrespect you.”

19. “Some people will hate you, and this has nothing to do with you.”

20. “Drama, negativity, resentment, and distrust have no place in a loving, supportive family.”

21. “Not everyone will be grateful for what you do for them. It’s up to you to decide who is worth your attention and love and who is only taking advantage.”

22. “It’s an unfortunate thing when people related by blood can hurt each other.”

23. “It’s very sad to see people that are supposed to be your safe haven make your life a living hell.”

24. “Just because you’re genetically related to me, it doesn’t mean you’re my family.”

25. “Treat selfish and manipulative people as you’d treat an enemy.”

26. “If your family doesn’t treat you the way you deserve, ensure that you do.”

27. “Sometimes blood doesn’t mean anything.”

28. “There comes the point in life when you have to accept the fact that some people who are supposed to be nice to you and wish you well actually mean you no good.”

29. “You don’t show a person forgiveness if they don’t show compassion or remorse.”

30. “Toxic people love playing the victim.”

31. “When a person says they love you, but their actions prove the opposite, it’s not love. It’s a toxic relationship.”

32. “I can’t stand when someone tells me: “They are still your Family. Forgive them.”

33. “It’s sad when someone who is supposed to motivate you to achieve success in life would do anything to see you fail.”

34. “Stay away from people who suck the life out of you.”

35. “You can’t choose your family, but you can choose how you want them to treat you.” 

36. “No healthy and happy family is built upon a foundation of lies, bitterness, hate, and rejection.”

37. “I can’t understand why I feel empty, sad, and rejected in a place where I’m supposed to feel complete, happy, and accepted.”

38. “When someone is toxic, that has nothing to do with your character. It’s a reflection of who they are.”

39. “It’s sad when someone says they love you and yet treat you like you’re their worst enemy.”

40. “When someone is selfish, manipulative, and negative, remember, that has nothing to do with you. It’s a reflection of who they are.”

41. “It feels so nice when you aren’t around toxic people anymore.”

42. “If all a person brings into your life is a disappointment, resentment, and misery, you need to stop wasting your time on them.”

43. “When there’s drama, resentment, and fighting instead of harmony, love, and compassion in a family, it’s not a healthy one. It’s toxic.”