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12 Characteristics Every Empath Has But Won’t Admit It


Empaths are those unique human beings, capable of understanding the energy and other people’s emotions on a deeper, more intense level. These rare birds are among the most sensitive people between the crowds and they’re indeed considered as the ultimate caregivers in this world.

However, as wonderful as their experience sounds, living life as an empath requires some self-sacrifices. Their ability to feel the emotions of others goes for miles. While a normal person will try to console and comfort someone who feels down, an empath perceives and feels those emotions as if they were their own. Oftentimes, the sensation can be so severely intense that will drain the empath’s energy to the last bit.

So, regardless of the fact that most empaths are different, empaths in general often struggle to admit their weaknesses.

Read on as we reveal to you the 12 characteristics an empath has in them but won’t admit they are having it. Who knows, you might turn out to be one after all.

So, let’s begin!

1.Empaths cultivate an introverted personality

Most people think that empaths are extroverted, but to be honest, most of them aren’t. Having in mind their keen sense of other people’s emotions and sharp intuition, these gems are most likely to spend their lives lowkey. As a result of their intense perception, empaths are more likely to indulge in an introvertive type of life.

2.They often feel afraid to be taken advantage of

The same need to live a more peaceful, introvertive life is often caused by the fear of being hurt. Empaths are people who are used to give and do everything in their power to help people. However, they are not the best at asking for a helping hand because this makes them a good target to be taken advantage of.

3.They need to take some time off in order to recharge

As a result of constantly absorbing other people’s energies and emotions, empaths often suffer from over exhaustion. That is why alone time with their thoughts is a vital method to recharge their batteries and keep them going.

4.They can be a bit moody at times 

As a consequence of their highly intuitive personality, and the fact that they are an actual emotional sponge, empaths can be moody from time to time. As said before, their therapy includes a certain period of isolation in order to regenerate themselves.

5.Empaths will never do a thing they don’t enjoy

When it comes to everything in life, one of the most important mottos in an empath’s life is: “Do the things you love and never settle for less.” No matter how self-centered it may sound, these people would never allow engaging in something they don’t find fulfilling.

6.They have a certain way of knowing when a person is lying

As a result of their heightened perception, an empath will immediately know whenever a person is not telling the truth. Don’t bother pretending, they have the ability to pick up on a lot more things than you can imagine.

7.They tend to love more intensely than most people

One of their strongest suits is their pure, loving nature. Empaths differ from most of the crowd by simply loving profoundly. Loving deeply. They care for the people who matter to them. If you have an empath in your life, you, my friend, are blessed. They are the best people to have around.

8.They suffer from daily exhaustion

Being extremely perceptive of other people’s emotions leaves them worn out with a lack of energy and unable to take care of themselves. Being aware of their own emotions among the invasion of others can be quite a difficult task for empaths.

9.They are highly sensitive human beings

The enormous exposure to the feelings of others influences the empath in a way that often makes them overwhelmed. And because of that, detaching from those situations once in a while is the only way they can heal.

10.They are always on the lookout for the underdog

They are more than willing to walk the extra mile for people who remind them of their own nature. That is why empaths will always be there for people who walk the same path in life.

11.They are often too stressed out

You could only imagine what taking that much energy from others can do to you. Being an empath and going through life while reliving other people’s pain is a process both painful and stressful. Seeing that stress can easily escalate into something much more severe, doing their best to remain peaceful in those challenging moments is very important.

12.Empaths have a highly developed intuition

People cultivating a highly developed empathetic side have the remarkable power to just know things. The voice deep within is far more intense than anything else. That is why their strong sense of intuition is their ultimate guide on their journey to happiness and serenity.