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12 Effective Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People


Dealing with toxic people is an experience we’ve all been through. They’ll find the perfect way to nest in our safe place, make a mess out of our lives, and eventually drain the energy out of us.

They will easily drag people into their hole of insecurity and unpredictability. Not only they will hold us back from growing and glowing, but they’ll never stop until they drag us deep down to their level and eventually turn us into one of them.

Emotionally intelligent people have gone through a difficult life challenge with them, survived and recovered by adopting these 12 simple but effective ways to handle toxic individuals.

1. They set their boundaries high

Life is hard enough as it is. Having a poisonous person who’ll make sure it’s properly contaminated with negativity is the last thing you need.

That’s why clever people seek shelter in creating their own “safe-place” far, far away from the claws of devilish people.

Consider distancing from every dysfunctional relationship with a person that is making your life miserable.Even if it means shutting someone off your life forever.

2. They don’t share their secrets with anyone

Clever people know how important it is to preserve their intimacy and life from toxic beings. They have a strong sense of who they might share parts of their lives with.

That is why they act extremely careful around these venomous snakes because they know that everything that is spoken in front of them will eventually be taken out of context and used against them.

3. They spend time with trustworthy and loyal individuals

The best way to restrain our corporal and spiritual being from these energy vampires is by just eliminating them from our lives. Clever people know that continuous clinging to these people can leave us severely bruised up or even worst, extremely injured.

We should refresh our surrounding with positive and honest people. People who’ll never even think to mistreat us or harm us in any way possible. People who are not intimidated by our personality and traits. Someone who’ll respect us praise us every step of the way.

4. They avoid drama at any cost

Toxic people feed on low-frequency vibration. The more you let them get in your way and affect your well-being, the more you level up with their own negative vibration.

And because of their tender and empathetic side, honest people can often mindlessly become a victim of a venomous person. But few of them out there, who’ve already been through the horrible consequences of letting a toxic person in their life, know how important it’s to avoid that drama at any cost.

5. They “kill” them with kindness

There’s a saying that goes like this: “Be good to your enemies. It’s the worst thing you can do to them.”

6. They ignore insults

Insults from toxic people can vary and come in different subtle forms, but the ones you should be very careful from are those in a form of a compliment.

Sometimes it can be a person you (thought) you’ve known the best. This kind of behavior is often associated with frenemies.

“With friends like these, who need enemies?”

7. They demand straightforward answers

Toxic people will go the extra mile only to avoid giving you a decent and satisfactory answer. They’ll do their very best to wrap the truth up and sugarcoat it nice for you.

But this kind of behavior is easily detected. Straightforward and honest people won’t allow putting their trust into light-headed people. The trick is to always present them a question which won’t allow them to meddle with the answer, but a one that would require a yes or no answer.

8. They’re in control of their emotions

Getting in touch with our emotions and learning to control them can take a great period of mental discipline and preparation. And because of our human complex nature, the majority of people often escape from dealing with their emotions.

But in order to protect themselves, clever people make sure they are conscious about the emotions they’re feeling and the root causes of why they’re feeling them. In that simple way, they’re always one step ahead and take full control over their emotions.

9. They forgive but don’t forget

Although some people have been through hell with these energy sucking vampires, they’ve somehow found the light and managed to untie and free themselves. At the end, they forgive them for doing it, but only for their own individual growth. The horrible experience will always be a part of their past life, but they’ll continue striving for happiness.

10.They avoid narcissists

They’ve been through all of it and they learned how to take care of their personality, as well as spirit and avoid all the negativity from people.

11.They focus on solutions instead of problems

As people, we’re often the best at throwing the blame on others.But it’s very easy to be hateful and blame others instead of putting that much effort. Clever people will always focus on a simple yet pleasing solution rather than just focusing on the guilty part.

12.They can’t be won over by false kindness

As people who got over some life devastating experiences, clever people stand firmly on the ground and will never allow to be tricked with someone’s tender words.They might not always reflect sincerity. Be careful with false kindness.


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