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12 Gentleman Dating Habits That Make The Difference Between A Man And A Boy

Gentleman Dating

In a world full of boys, women are having a very hard time finding the right man. It’s obviously the sickness of the 20th century that men think that ‘equality’ means treating their women like their buddies.

And this backfires badly. More and more women would rather stay single because men have indeed lost all their chivalry and gentlemen are mostly taken.

Most grown-up boys like to go the easy way and hope for some action at the end of the date, and this is utterly repelling for every woman who wants to get into a more serious thing than a one-night stand.

So, how can you learn to treat your lady the way she is supposed to be treated? Here are 12 dating habits that separate men from boys.

1. Always punctual

If you agreed to pick her up at 8, make sure you are there at 8. You should never have her wait – ever. This habit is one that shows her that you are a reliable and trustworthy person.

2. Stand up to greet her if you are meeting her somewhere

In the world of online dating, too much trust cannot be put since day 1, and this is why some women decide not to give out their address to men. In this case, you might agree to meet somewhere.

And if this is the case, first, you should always arrive there early, and second, you should stand up and greet her the moment she arrives. Sitting there with your arms crossed is a total turn-off.

3. Walk closest to the street when you are walking together

Although nobody would think of this twice, this little gesture shows your readiness to take on any splashes from cars running through puddles or trash thrown out of the window. Not only that but when people get hit on the sidewalk, it’s usually the ones walking closer to the street. Give her that sense of security.

4. When at a restaurant, she orders first

Of course, if you are sitting with your buddy, it doesn’t really matter who goes first at ordering. However, you are sitting with a lady and you should treat her as one. Don’t be a greedy jerk and let her make up her mind and order BEFORE you do.

5. Don’t start eating!

Speaking of greedy, you should really wait for her meal to arrive before you both start eating together. It’s so disrespectful to start munching on your meal while her part of the table is still empty.

6. Maintain eye contact

To the level of appropriateness of course. Straining your eyes to stare all the time in hers is rather awkward. But maintaining eye contact is essential when talking to her and when listening to her.

7. Put your cell phone away

What is there in the chat window that’s more important than the date you are on? Well if you aren’t planning to see her again, go ahead and spend your night on your cell phone. But if you don’t want her to feel like you’ve wasted her time, it’s best that you put that phone away and focus on the time you are spending together.

8. Be kind to everyone

It’s not only important to be nice and pleasant-sounding to your date – treating others like a jerk will give you so many negative points. Really, a person who doesn’t know how to treat the waiter or waitress nicely is not an impressive person. Humiliating others or treating them like they owe you something is the biggest turn-off for your date.

9. Avoid talking badly about others

Talking badly about others won’t make you seem like a better person than them. In fact, it might leave you with a very negative image. Negative words are that – negative. And who likes to listen to negative things? Which is more, imagine what she might think about you talking about her later?

10. Be humble

And making yourself the best person in the world is also not the best thing to do. In the end, the good speak about themselves, while everyone else speak about the best. So, why not let your reputation reach her the way it should and stay humble?

11. Pay for the dinner

Don’t split the bill, don’t let her pay – insist that you do. In the end, it’s about the gesture, not the money.

12. Don’t set an ‘end goal’ for the date

The ‘end goal’ IS the date. If you go there with the hope that you can bring her back to your place, she will notice it and she will get disgusted by the way you see her. You may be attracted to her and all, but control your impulses and enjoy the time with her.

In the end, if you respect her boundaries and truly enjoy the moments you spend with her without any extra expectations, everything will come into place at the right moment.