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12 Reasons Why Old Souls Struggle To Find True Love


It’s funny yet scary how this world seems to have turned so cold and heartless.  On the other side, there are these precious few amazing emotional beings that shine upon every day’s dullness.

Old souls.  You may know them as these unconventionally amazing beings. Rare birds. Regardless of their label, old souls are these extraordinary spiritual beings that exist in life forms but have special emotional intelligence.

You see, the thing that makes them different from other people is the path they’ve chosen on their spiritual journey. And because of their rarity, the greatest problem they face in life is finding true love.

The truth is, every one of us craves for that special love, that one true soulmate, but some people eventually choose to settle for comfort. Old souls yearn for passion, sincerity and deep profound love and won’t stop until their true destined experience comes along.

To understand their existence and reason behind their struggle to find their true love, let these rules help you.

1. They Seek Genuine Love

Old Souls want a true, authentic person in their life. They need a relationship in which both sides would strive for personal growth and emotional maturity. They don’t want a person who will pretend or try to suppress them, but rather an individual who will do their best to encourage and praise their true self.

2. They Want Love That Teaches Them In Any Way

These beautiful flowers yearn for a pure bond that will teach them, but not in the suffering, painful way. Someone who will take care of their soul as well as their body, point all the wrong-doings and make sure they rise to their full potential.

3. They Have Intense Personalities

In a world where compassion is a long-gone virtue, it’s very hard for an Old soul to find their safe place. They reflect empathy, seek truth and share the ETERNAL wisdom. If these characteristics make for a complex personality, then that’s exactly what every one of us should strive for.

4. Their Purpose On Earth Is Not Fixing You

Due to their exquisite nature, they often come across people that need healing.  They will never hesitate to help you, but won’t dare enter a relationship in order to fix the partner.

5. There Is A Huge Difference Between Love And Like

Pure love holds true power. Old souls will never ever stop until they find that deep genuine, soul-consuming feeling called love.  For them, liking something is admiring and praising one’s exterior. On the other hand, love… Oh, Love is cherishing and loving the soul for the way it is.

6. …The Special, Vulnerable Kind Of Love

Being compatible with someone’s personality is not enough. True love is opening one’s soul and heart even if it hurts like hell. True love will always require taking some risks in order to learn to love purely and unconditionally.

7. They Want Wholeness

Relationships that are based on neediness or depending on the other partner to be fulfilled or happy are doomed from the start. This is why Old Souls needs a partner who is satisfied and already whole by themselves, so they can enjoy their special unity.

8. And Wholeness Requires Commitment

This wholeness they seek in a relationship takes a lot of effort and commitment in order to grow. That is why these rare gems engage only in meaningful relationships where both sides give their best to make it worthwhile.

9.They Won’t Settle For Anything Less Than A Soulmate

By now, you’ve surely figured that these special beings won’t give up on True Love, no matter how hard it is to find. Finding a true soulmate can be a very hard and long process, but once found, it’s the most beautiful thing you’ll live to experience.

10. They Don’t Appreciate Superficial Dating

Old souls are unconventional human beings and the most delicate flowers in this cruel mainstream world. They don’t believe in superficial dating and all of the additional drama that comes with it.  For them, the only rule is “Keep it honest and simple”.

11. They Want More Than Just A Plain Physical Pleasure

If you ever get the chance to be a part of an Old soul’s life, know this: They will only share their bodies with the person who loves and accepts their true souls.

12. They May Come with Wounds

Unfortunately, because of their amazing nature to love deeply and give themselves completely, they often experience a lot of disappointments. When it comes to love, they need someone strong enough that we’ll help them deal with their emotional “baggage”.


Inspired by LonerWolf